Good time frame to get back in to beauty


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Sorry keep posting lol have lots of questions.

I qualified beauty therapy 8 years ago and didn’t do anything as had kids and stuff.

8 years on looking at going self employed.

What is a good time frame to give myself time to refresh and practice?

I’m thinking about giving myself a year to do refresher courses maybe some extra courses and to practice on friends and family before I start on the public.

Am I thinking right?


I'm in a bit of a similar boat. I qualified in 2007 and didn't really give it long. I'm a lit older and wiser now and will hopefully have a spare room to convert once we buy a house.
I'm struggle to find refresher beauty courses though?


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If you have your basic qualifications then what I'd so is take 6months, research what treatments you want to offer, find good brands to work with and avail of their training. For example. If you decide to take on hd rows they have great training you get alongside your kit. If you take on a skincare line you will have to spend usually 5 days minimum learning the product and treatment procedures, same for waxing etc.. In the meantime you can refresh and practice on any willing family members. There are so many helpful videos online these days!
Well done getting back into it, you will be absolutely fine xx