Gothic nails... any ideas?

Discussion in 'Nail' started by meme1281712, Jun 30, 2012.

  1. meme1281712
    Hi ladies, so its my aunts wedding in October and she's having a gothic themed wedding. I said I'd do her nails for her and she wants them to be gothic (on acrylics as her nails are short) and I have no idea of what to do! Does anyone have any photo ideas or general ideas? Thank you ❤
  2. Chickafish
    OOOh goth! How fun! Usually with goth nails, I picture black lace over red or pearly colour, crosses, pearls, crowns, studs, roses (red and black).
  3. Lucybluebell
    Black with red glitter, dark red with black crosses, maybe some Swarovski crystals. Or matt black with glossy black tips would look quite striking x
  4. spjelgus
    I LOVE the top picture!
  5. Chickafish
    Me too! I was just thinking how cool it would look as a stiletto :D
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  6. meme1281712
    Ahh thanks for the ideas I like the top one too! Any of you know where I can get matte black nail polish that looks so good!? Xx
  7. Chickafish
    you could get a matte topcoat that will make any colour you have matte :) OPI also has a line of matte polishes.
  8. meme1281712
    Oh brill idea for getting matte top coat didn't even know there was such a thing! Thanks for your help 😃
  9. Chickafish
    oh yea there are quite a few...
    essie makes matte about you
    china glaze has matte magic
    Orly has matte top
    CND has super matte
    Opi has nail envy matte
  10. meme1281712
    I can't seem to find anywhere with the china glaze one in stock 😪 looked on YouTube and that one seems the best x
  11. Chickafish
    The essie one is one of my favourites. It's a flat matte finish, and dries quick. :)
  12. meme1281712
    Oh ok I'll get that one then thank you for your help hun 😃 x
  13. theperfectten
    I use a matt topcoat and one of my most asked about designs is the matt black with glossy black tips, VERY popular and gorgeous!
  14. meme1281712
    Thank you iv seen this done it does look gorgeous! How would you do it though? X
  15. spoken-words
    Chikafish, i have seen essie one online. Its available at boots so going to go tommorrow. So basically i put on any polish and use that as a top coat? Then for konad i can use it but no top coat on that right?
  16. tweeboo
    You can make gelish matte by using a buffer GENTLY removing the shine off the top coat x

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  17. Chickafish
    Yes, you can apply base, color, then matte topcoat and it will give a matte finish to that color. Then you can konad over the matte nails (or freehand a design) using regular topcoat, a contrasting colour, or a sheer colour for an effect similar to the 3rd picture down on my initial reply post :)
  18. mixnmatch1
    I am loving all the pics,great inspriation :)
  19. Chickafish
    I absolutely love glam-goth. I always turn to Visual Kei for inspiration :)

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