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Discussion in 'Nail' started by *Glynis*, Mar 6, 2007.

  1. *Glynis*
    Just came across a stunning picture in this weeks Grazzia magazine entitled "The Louboutin Manicure. The picture and the nails are stunning and produced by Zoe Pocock.

    I tried to email Zoe, but I must have an old address.

    Have a look at the picture if you get a chance, its stunning.
  2. Scratchers
    I will be sure to have a look tomorrow hun xXx
  3. Fab Freak
    Me tooo.

    That name is a blast from the best, she's obviously doing well.
  4. Tiger Jay
    I'd like to see this but don't have the mag. Any chance of posting the pic, please!:green:
  5. Jaydee
    Zoes work is simply stunning......she is an amazing technician and an absolute scream. We have had so much fun working together in the last 18 months.
  6. Scratchers
    David is there a website where we can see any of her work hun?
  7. fifitrix
    I've got it hang on and let me see if I can scan it, this is the one Mike was on, about bear with me
  8. fifitrix
    Here we go.....

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  9. lotus blossom
    ohhhhhh lovely
  10. oey
    WOW - would love a tutorial on that one.

    p.s. Fifitrix - waited for you to scan this - I can finally go to bed now! :lol:
  11. Tiger Jay
    Thanks Fi!
    Wow they look something else, don't they?
    I love the red on the underside of the nail, I could really go for that on mine!
  12. fifitrix
    I know I want to be able to do that:)
  13. fifitrix
    lol Theresa and watch out for those hamsters lol :lol:
  14. phoebe_cat
    They are fantastic! I've always wanted a pair of Louboutins but out of my price range, lol. At least this is something I can afford to have a go of!

    Will definatley by playing tomorrow :green:
  15. Scratchers
    They are gorgous, i'm thinking you could get this if you do a full set with red tips ans then black vranish over them??They were probably not done like this but it was just a quick thought before i go to bed xXx
  16. Tiger Jay
    That's a pretty good thought for this time of night!!:lol:
  17. Bettierae
    wowzer! what a stunning effect!
  18. phoebe_cat
    My thoughts exactly! This way, you wouldn't have to worry about getting enamel on the skin under the free edge, and with a bit of nail fresh, you could get the lovely clean edge of red. Zoe probably did them completely different to that, lol! But this is how I'm gonna have a play :green:
  19. 1999judy
    I read about this in Scratch magazine this month. If you read her Nails in the City article she explains that she used white tips to give the enamel a brighter finish.
    They look very nice and I have a pair of shoes identical (although mine are from River Island:lol: ) I shall definately give this a try next time I wear them.
  20. Sassy Hassy
    I think they look stunning - how long did they take to do?

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