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  1. LizzyS_
    Hi geeks I hope I'm explaining this well enough for everyone to understand. Basically my client has grown out her colour over the last couple of years and is now pretty much 100% grey however on the sides of her hair it's gone like a yellow colour which I think is down to heat of straightners. She basically wants me to colour it try and get it back to more of a silvery/grey. I've used Schwarzkopf silvers as toners only, I'd be worried to use them just on top of her hair as I would be worried it woukd go khaki. My plan of action was to bleach fine highlights and then put on Schwarzkopf dove grey as a toner. What would your opinions be? Open to suggestions X
  2. JJH93
    Don't quote me on this but I think the Schwarzkopf greys are actually meant to be used on naturally grey hair. Does she want to just get rid of the yellow patch? Or does she want to change her grey?
  3. LizzyS_
    Yes your right Hun they can be,but I've used them most on younger clients which have been on pre lightened hair. It's more to even it out but she doesn't want anything applied all over hence why I thought foils and tone will be my best bet.

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