Hair a mess, how to go back blonde with least amount of damage?

Discussion in 'Ask a pro' started by beautymanager, Jan 8, 2017.

  1. beautymanager

    After my hair got messed up by a hairdresser last year with over use of bleach and leaving me looking like barbie I left it a while a treated it then went to a salon with really good reviews and had a colour correction back in August.

    I asked for a more natural blonde She took me from bleach blonde to a lovely darkish ashy blonde it was beautiful! (Not what I asked for but lovely none the less) I went back last week and showed her a picture of my hair last time and asked for the same. As I have some breakage she suggested no more bleach I agreed and she did her thing.

    My hair has ended up a complete wishy washy mix of colours and I hate it!!! It's a mucky grey brown colour and it dosnt suit me at all!! I look so ugly and washed out! My hair dresser has agreed it hasn't turned out nice and I'm back in this week to see what we can do.

    I have a habit of just agreeing to what hairdressers suggest but because of the damage to my hair I need this to be the last time in a good while dye goes near my head.

    What's the best way of getting back to blonde? Or blonder? I don't want to be a barbie head again just a nice natural blonde?

    Or is this not possible with the amount of bleach already on my head
  2. JJH93
    It's hard to have any idea of what you're trying to describe because we work with numbers and tones. Pictures would be more helpful.
  3. beautymanager
    As you can see it's a complete mess of colours blonde underneath then a wishy washy brownish colour not what I asked for it's awful!

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  4. JJH93
    Do you have a picture of what you want to achieve?
  5. beautymanager
    Anything is better then this lol but this kind if blonde which is whst I've always been, not to light but a hairdresser turned my hair bleached blonde in the summer it was far too light. image.jpg image.jpg

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