Hair breaking, too white and orange roots


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May 26, 2012
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Need a professional opinion. Colourist is a relative - hard to go elsewhere but could point in right direction if given advice here?

Have hair lightened, hairdresser does not use foils. just ties up areas not to be lightened. T zone roots are mix of grey and mousy, mostly grey. Back at hairline is my natural colour, dirty blonde/ mousy. I do not get this lightened - goes too orange whiich I hate. Everywhere else i.e not t zone and not back at hairline, is now white. Wanting a light blonde Sienna Miller type colour. Hair lightening with Koleston 12/0 - think stylist adds something else but don't know what.. looks purpley when on. Leaves on 50m mins or so. Trouble is my hair is coming out too white, roots have always been orangey and it's now breaking REALLY badly. Stylist blames swimming, putting hair up and how I sleep!, but it happens too many times IMMEDIATELY after colouring for it to be the case! I don't put hair up anyway as hair too fine. It used to come out not quite so bad but the whiter my hair gets the worse problem is - HELP!!!
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