Hair Dryers - Any old one do?

Jess E

Hi all :hug:

With regards to hair dryers... are they all much of a muchness or are some better than others?

I have just had my GHDs delivered, normally just leave my hair to dry naturally but need to dry it to use my GHDs.... Should i just go out and buy a cheap one or is it false economy? Or then again, does it not really matter as i will only be using them to prepare my hair for straighteners anyway?

Thanks in advance!



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Hi Jess:
There are so many different types it is hard to figure out which is the best.
There are blowdryers that will deliver more heat than air and there are those that will deliver more air than heat. Then you have the one that are IONS which change the negative ions in the air to positive which is better for your hair.

What i would be looking at is comfort, Watts, and durability. You wouldn't want to purchase just any old blowdryer and get it home to find that it is heavy to hold, bulky to manipulate and after a few weeks, shorts out on you and needs replacing.


Jess E

Ok, thanks JDs. Much appreciated.
Will have a look around.


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I have just bought a new one Parlux 3200 compact, its whooping 1900 watt, has a long salon length lead and it lightweight - all the power half the weight kinda thing! Easy to hold, and no worries of accidently changing the heat by knocking the switch whilst holding, (I have had one dryer like that before, very annoying). This dryer had 2 switches - 2 power low/high and 2 heat low/high.

I really like it and it dries my hair super fast, have yet to use it on any clients yet, but my own hairdresser uses this brand and gets on well with it. It was around £65. I must say I always like to spend a little more on appliances when it comes to my hair, I pretty much think you get what you pay for. hths