Hair ended up light blonde instead of silver


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Mar 30, 2020
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Hi everyone!

Bored during the lockdown, I decided to dye my own hair. I have never done this before. My natural hair is pretty dark, so I bleached it first. It took two bleachings as after the first the hair was quite yellow - first bleaching in the evening and the second one the next day in the afternoon, which was yesterday. Straight after the second bleaching I applied the Schwarzkopf LIVE U71 Metallic Silver for 30 minutes, as per the instructions.

The problem is that while the sides are quite silver (not super silver, but that's probably because the hair there is very short), the top ended up being this light blonde colour. Today, around 24 hours after applying the U71, I bought and used Schwarzkopf LIVE Silver Shampoo and even a silver conditioner. The end result picture was taken after all this shampoo and conditioner today and the hair is completely dry.

Unfortunately the hair is not silver (or even gray-ish) :(

My question is: is there anything I can do to make it actually silver? My brain is telling me to just buy another U71 and apply it again onto this hair now?? But I am not an expert and frankly I have no hair experience whatsoever!

If applying the U71 is not an option for whatever reason, then perhaps a darker U72 would be an option? (I actually bought a pack of U72 too as I wasn't sure which one to go with, but in the end I went with the U71 as I wanted lighter silver rather than darker silver-grey)

What do you think? Thank you!! :)



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Aug 11, 2011
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No idea to be honest, we only use professional colour products, not box dyes. :)

We will formulate a colour for our client by mixing colours together and choosing the correct strength of developer according to the hair, so you might have different formulas on different sections on the head, depending on how light/dark that section is.

A box dye is a one size fits all formula so it’s unlikely to work very well when it comes to lightening the hair evenly. I think they’re probably better used for a simple all over darker colour.

The other problem you could have when using a box dye to bleach the hair is when you do the roots after a few weeks. If you overlap the product onto already twice processed hair, you risk damaging the hair too much and it breaking off. i don’t know what strength the developer is in the box dye, but I’m guessing it’s quite strong?

At least you’re hair is short and it will probably grow quite quickly.

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