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Hey! Looking to take a course for hair extensions, I don’t have any background in hairdressing so would be going in as a beginner. Ideally looking for a course which will cover majority of extension types along with how to cut the hair.
Any recommendations?


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A few girls in our salon done the training course with sjk hair extensions. They were really good

Hairsaint does training courses now. In Paisley. Check her on FB or Insta

I trained with Belle x

Received this email today it’s in Edinburgh don’t know anything about it though - I trained in pre-bonded years ago and then over a year ago went and did the micro loop and micro ring extensions course through Salon Services and thought it was great was only a small group of 3 all day so lots of opportunities to ask questions


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I sometimes use Crown Couture hair which is based in Edinburgh, I’m sure they do courses too, their hair is lovely xx