Hair extension help (I’m the customer in this instance)

Not sure what to do so just before Christmas I had nano rings put in with prestige hair now the lady did the actual fitting brilliant I want to go with Brazilian hair but she said Indian was just as good and lasts up to 4 months so 6 weeks later the hair is falling apart shredding knotting up you name it so I message her and she now wants to charge me to an additional £200 for what I originally asked for or for me to pay her £50 to put old extensions back in (which I removed due to the state of them or refund me £80 so I basically paid £120 for dodgy hair what would you do


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£120 is very cheap for hair and from past experience of my own extensions the cheap hair only lasted to my first maintenance appointment before I wanted it removed. The extensions I get now are almost £500 and last me just under a year.
I would be upset if I’d been told it was just as good hair. Were you willing to pay more for better quality?
Hopefully someone experienced in fitting extensions will be able to offer more advice.