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Sep 4, 2020
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Glasgow South, Glasgow City
Hi All,

I'm currently undergoing online training course with Maxwell Melia to learn 5 different methods - LA Weave, Nano bonds, Micro bonds, Fusion bonds and tapes.

I'll be honest I'm not feeling overly confident because the mannequin head is so difficult to use, I can't get straight lines, the hair is rubbish and I'm just getting frustrated with myself. I can't even do the LA Weave, finding following the instructions on video quite hard. I have attached photos of micro bonds, tapes and nanos I have been practicing so far.

I think I may need to start practicing on people but I don't feel confident. I need 2 live models to be able to pass the course but I'm really nervous about actually working on someones hair that I don't know (none of my family or friends want or need extensions). I worry that I don't match the colour correctly or not enough extensions for their hair... I won't be charging for fitting but the hair on it's own for people is a lot and I don't want to mess it up 😥

Just looking for some reassurance from others who were feeling like this when they first started really?

Also some advice on how to go about getting live models? Did you explain that you were still training and may take longer? Is there a script I can give them to make sure they understand I will be following instructions while fitting the hair?

Any help/advice is much appreciated!



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Oct 9, 2020
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I did training with Maxwell Melia online too, I found doing the hair on the mannequin head a lot harder than doing it on an actual client, sectioning on the mannequin head is a lot more difficult to get straight sections.

When colour matching use the colour ring to match the colours to the end of the hair and then just check with the client that they are happy with the colour you have chosen. I would say with ordering (as long as the client doesn't have very thin hair) that 150g with be enough to create a full head, you can always add from here if you just explain to the client that you are still training and didn't realise how much hair you would need. The more you do the easier it gets to tell how much hair to order.

When trying to find models I advertised that I was looking for 2 models to complete my training and just explained to them during the consultation that this may take me a while as I am still training.

As for finding models I made an Instagram page and paid for a post to be promoted, I got a lot of interest from this. Gum tree is also a good place to advertise for models.

Hope this helps x

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