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Hello, I apologise for a longish post but need some advice.

On the 9th of August I had a full head of nano bead extensions put in, a week before I went in for a consultation where my hair was colour matched and I was asked if I wanted normal range which was £250 or luxury at £370. I went for normal she asked if I had extensions before I said yes but not nanos she didn't tell me anything about them as I had read a little bit about them but recommended I buy the shampoo and conditioner the hair comes from so I agreed and booked me in for the 9th.

I went back and had them put in it took two hours for a full head but I noticed she had not put them all in as I saw some on the side she also didn't give me any aftercare either. I left happy but when I arrived home I realised they were too long for me and cut them (stupid mistake I know) which left them slightly uneven but she agreed to cut them straight when I went back for maintenance.

Over the next two weeks 16 bonds fell out she had said if any where to fall out then it would be the first two weeks they did, I did not wash them for the first three days and I used only the products recommended by her didn't tie them up tight or put conditioner on the roots I also held them when I brushed them so they didn't pull when I went back for maintenance on the 21st she didn't check where they had fallen out from and just put them anywhere then cut them.

When I went home I realised they were shorter but now completely all uneven to the point if I pulled my hair forward they were so short at the back and long at the front, over the next few days more continued to fall out to the point I had lost 30 bonds over the next few days I messaged her for advice but struggled to get a response until she agreed to put them back in for me on the 30th but messed me around with times which I will attach when I went back for the second appointment.

She again did not check where they had fallen out and only put ten back in and said next time I would have to pay even though she didn't know why they were falling out she said my hair was soft I said I had only used the stuff she had recommened me to use I thought I was going back to have them put back in but she rushed my appointment and refused to put anymore back in even though I offered to pay some money she also said I didn't need to message her every time some fell out even though this was making me anxious as my hair is going so thin and they look horrible since then 14 more have fallen out and I'm really unhappy as I know the hair is not going to last me 12 months with refits as it continues to fall out.

AmI in a position to get a refund?


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I understand that you feel disappointed but I don’t think you’re entitled to a refund.
She’s fitted the extensions you asked for, you chose to cut them yourself, then you asked her to re-cut them, which she did and she re-fitted a few that fell out.

Obviously your expectations haven’t been met but £250 for a full head of extensions inc. fitting isn’t expensive so I’m guessing the hair is from a mid budget range. Good quality hair can easily cost well over £500.

I agree that she should probably have provided you with an aftercare sheet, but as you had already worn extensions previously, she might have felt it wasn’t necessary, I don’t know.

Next time, do some more research beforehand and ask a lot more questions before agreeing to the service.