Hair extensions client threatening small claims


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Hi, I’m hoping that someone on here can help me.

back in December I had a woman book with me for a consultation for extensions.. we consulted and agreed upon keratin extensions as well as a color service and I quoted her and even offered to break up her appointments into 2 so she wouldn’t be in the chair as long. (She has tape ins once before years ago but did not want to consider those.) 2 hours before her color appointment, she says she’s sick and has to reschedule. I tell her that’s fine, and we could push the appointment to all same day but that it would be longer.

the day of the appointment comes and she has level 6 red roots and 8 gold ends-she wants to be blonde. Somehow I miraculously make this happen while using only 15 volume with bond builder so her hair is in fantastic shape, or else I wouldn’t have continued. We then continue with the extensions and it takes some time because we are blending a grown out bob and I am inserting 5 packs of extensions, using bonds and half bonds to blend. the placement wasn’t typical placement because she wanted to maintain the length but knowing it was temporary, I was very happy with the end result. She signed 3 waivers and I sent her home with product, after care and a brush. That night she contacts me saying the color is too ash so I offer to have her in Saturday to adjust the toner. I used a Malibu blondes treatment so no bleach was used. She seemed to leave happy.
Almost 3 weeks later she texts me with a photo of 3 bonds in a paper towel saying “my hair is coming out and I want a full refund and I want your business partner to take them out” (mind you she’s never even met him.) I ask what’s going on and look at the photo and notice the follicle is attached to the hair and asked if she was brushing properly. She immediately gets defensive and insists on a refund- I tell her I would be happy to have her come in free of charge to replace her bonds and see what’s going on. She doesn’t respond back to me.
2 days later she calls the salon to book an appointment for removal with my business partner. He says he is going to charge her because he was not the original installer. She then flips out on him and sends him the same photo and he tells her the same thing about the follicle. She then threatens small claims court and he says we can no longer communicate via text due to her threat and to contact us via business email. She then emails me a week ago asking me to send her a check by the 17th to avoid small claims court. She made all of these claims that I took too long, that she could see her extensions, and that they were slipping though I don’t know how a person who knows nothing of extensions would know that term. But then would not come in for me or my partner to see or send me photos.

I guess my question is, am I better off refunding her? Or should I stand my ground? I don’t want to reward someone for bad behavior but I also want to just move on with my life. I’ve attached photos of my work as well. Unfortunately I don’t have a before photo of her hair.
Thanks for anyone who takes the time to read this also.


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Wow, you did an amazing job. :)

I don’t know how your legal system works with regards to small claims in the States.
Over here, she’d have to pay up front to lodge a claim and she wouldn’t stand a chance of winning her case because you've done nothing wrong and she’s suffered no physical harm. Therefore, I’d tell her I’d see her in court.

Does your business insurance cover offer free legal advice? It normally does over here. Maybe give them a call?


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Thank you so much, I really take pride in my work so I’ve been really upset. I also had never done that type of corrective install before so I was a little concerned about my placement- there’s a small gap in the rows where there were no bonds at her occipital where I had to shift up and do the half bonds so she didn’t end up with a mullet. Which may have worked out anyway because that’s a hot spot for matting and she was already not taking care of then by pulling them out. I know this has definitely made me more cautious about the potential extension clients that sit down in my chair from now on. People think you sit down once and install and they go on their merry way but don’t think that they’re forming a new relationship with someone they will be seeing quite often. Thanks so much again for taking the time. I’ll have to check with my insurance, I’ve had multiple people tell me she has no case I just like to hear it from someone in my field who knows what I’m saying. Thanks again.