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Mar 17, 2011
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Hi geeks, I fitting a full head of pre-bonded extensions on my client 14 weeks ago. I removed them 2 weeks ago and during removal I didnt notice anything that would concern me (apart from that she had some matting on her re-growth at back of hair due to back combing she informed me) but apart from that everything seemed fine.

I have just had a text from her asking me if I can help her. She feels her hair is very thin now and although her hair was fine before she feels she has also lost length. I have assured her that I fitted them myself and I can assure her that the extensions fitted and removed by the proffessional and maintained with proper aftercare instructions and products cause no damage to your natural hair.

So, I have been going back and forth with her for days now and have just discovered that some weeks ago she joined a slimming group where she doesnt eat and only drinks shakes along with a tablet she must take aiding in weight loss. Do you think this is the cause of her feeling her hair isnt the same. I have before and after pics of fitting and I am happy with her hair both before and after bonds where removed. She has informed me that by no means is she trying to blame me but I am just trying to establish what this could be as I do not want her telling people/clients that pre-bonds did this to her hair.

Any advice would be much appreciated.



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Jan 3, 2012
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Reading, United Kingdom
Hey- I am not an extentioist I am a colour technician. But a few years ago I lost weight on the Cambridge diet which is meal replacements (shakes and bars) it can cause thinning of the hair but that usually only occurs with people who are on it For a long time (my advisor said around 6months some people notice hairloss)

I personally didn't notice any myself and I was doing the hardcore part for about 5months then gradually came off it. Possibly if she doesn't need to be on the diet (if she is a pretty healthy weight already) maybe the side affect of loosing hair has happened sooner?

Also maybe because of the tablets? I haven't heard of a shake diet that uses tablets as well.

It's an extreme diet and there are variations Of it out there but the Cambridge diet when followed correctly is medically sound and hairloss is a temporary side affect so
You can reassure her of that. But if she is/was doing it through a councillor like I did she would have been made aware of this before starting as you have to do a medical questionair

Don't know i this helps :)


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Jan 15, 2012
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I had a friend do lighter life diet her hair thinned dramatically xx

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