Hair extensions lab quality tests

Can anyone advise of somewhere I can send hair to be independently tested?

I have a client who is looking for a refund as she claims the hair I’ve supplied was of poor quality and started to Matt after 4 weeks.

She had a toner applied as the colour wasn’t a perfect match and when I saw her a few weeks later the hair was really dry so I recommended a treatment.

She’s came back saying the hair is the problem, she’s worn extensions for years so knows how to care for them etc etc.

I’ve offered to replace the hair or a partial refund as I can’t be dealing with the abuse I’m getting and awaiting feedback, but for my own benefit I would like to know what the problem is as I can see they were badly bunching after a few weeks. I suspect poor aftercare but the she’s worn hair for years so can’t see why it would have been.

Thanks in advance!


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Well hair can't really be tested, the truth is behind the supplier, aftercare and what is being applied to the hair. All you would find out from a hair test is whether it is mixed with synthetic and human hair. Any permanent extension should be entirely cuticle correct & Remy otherwise it will tangle if the cuticle is in different directions. Also colouring hair should never ever be a problem, only bleaching is a problem. Clip In's are completely different as they aren't cuticle correct hair, so the hair can go drastically wrong if coloured, treated incorrectly.

Even with poor aftercare such as using cheap shampoos that contain silicone like pantene, the hair isn't going to be ruined, if anything it's going to make it feel softer.

It is very easy for us as business owners, extensionist to put the blame onto the client but the real issue behind it is to do with poor hair quality & nothing to really do with aftercare.

My sister uses head and shoulders on her extensions and they last for at least 3-4 months and feel fine. The worst shampoo possible doesn't even wreck extensions. It has to be a supplier issue because they aren't being correct in what they have supplied.


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She had a toner applied as the colour wasn’t a perfect match and when I saw her a few weeks later the hair was really dry so I recommended a treatment.
Well obviously the hair will be dry after having a toner applied.
Most toners are tints mixed with hydrogen peroxide. It’s an alkaline pH mix and the hair is naturally acid based.
Extension hair is treated with very strong cleaning chemicals, re-coloured and finally more chemicals to artificially smooth the cuticle layer before it is supplied, so you’re not meant to even use purple shampoo on them, as it will break down the silicone protective barrier. That’s why the cheaper extension hair only has a limited shelf life.

Surely your aftercare leaflet to your clients states that the hair must not be chemically treated after being fitted?


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Surely your aftercare leaflet to your clients states that the hair must not be chemically treated after being fitted?
But each and every extension brand decides whether their extensions can be treated with colour again. I think personally if a hair extension brand says no to any colour on the hair, then the hair either isn't 100% Remy or it is just poor quality hair to start with.

I’m inclined to agree with you charlottehair.
I always thought darkening hair was ok just not lightening.

I wear extensions and I tone them every 8 weeks or so and use any products I have and never had a problem.

Saying a toner is the reason hair quality is poor is an easy cop out, that said I can’t prove one way or the other what the issue is but surely decent hair irrespective of aftercare should last more than 4-8 weeks!!


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The only way the client really could would wrecked the hair is from chlorine or bleach, that matts the hair up to an indescribable state, I don't believe clients are always honest. Is the supplier you use normally good? Or was it a new supplier you used?

No it’s a regular supplier, I’ve messaged them but they immediately asked about colouring, so I’m expecting them to say that’s the problem, which is a shame as I feel suppliers are far to quick these days to pass the buck with no real facts, forgetting we spend thousand and thousands of pounds with them.
Hopefully they will help me, but I’ve had to agree to refund the hair, it was just too stressful all the angry messages


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We had a similar problem we contacted our supplier and sent them back for testing to see if any damage has been done to them by the customer. The problem you will have is that you have coloured them which generally a supplier would never recommend. I would go back to supplier for the advice firstly good luck.
How annoying for you! Well I would say it's useless contacting the supplier as they never seem to take responsibility even if it really is the hair and not the clients aftercare. But as you have coloured it could have dried them out yes but Ive been doing extensions a long time now and I've coloured some for myself before and they were fine, other times I've used expensive shampoo and conditioner for hair extensions and they gone dry! I honestly think it's luck, i haven't herd of independent testing. Although that would be a good idea as sometimes I know it's the hair!


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