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I've never had a client that been like this and need some advice please.

On Saturday my stylist put half an head of micro loops hair extensions in and and full head colour on to before the hair extensions to match.
When she left the salon she was over the moon happy with her hair loved it even her friend who was with her loved her hair.

Saturday night came and she was sending me message on how unhappy her husband is. And if it could be blended some more, Explained it can be but the salon will be closed for a couple of days due to me have an operation. she was fine with it.

Sunday morning 8o'clock she was still sending message on how unhappy her husband is and these no difference and not happy with her hair. Sunday evening she yet again sent me message saying that her hair had fallen out. i was in shock and text her straight back what do you mean?? One Just One of the mirco loops had come out when she was brushing her hair.

Now Monday day of my operation she text me good luck in the morning. then while i was in the room she sent me a text she not happy wants a full refund and what she paid is nothing at all.

This never happen and no idea what to say i have said we can correct and blend in more when the salon open. instead she message saying she wants them to be removed and a full refund. Her partner is not happy at all and thinks we have rob her

The client also washed her hair already not with any products bought from this salon even when offered and also using a normal hair brush when been through aftercare and give her a leaflet to look over in her own time

Now while i've got home from my operation she keeps ring my phone when i'm on bed rest
feel shocking but no idea what to do and not got a full business head at moment.

could someone help me
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This is the clients before and after.
How happy she is with her hair was over the moon



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For goodness sake, it's only hair! You are not her personal hair slave.
Ask her to return to the salon at a time convenient to you and then Switch the phone off.

In future, stop using messaging services to communicate with clients. It's a short cut to trouble.

Personally, I think the client's real problem is a husband one not a hair one and you're not the solution.

Go back to bed and look after yourself and forget all about her. She's not entitled to any refund and legally, she has no leg to stand on. Ignore, ignore, ignore.


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Ooooower... her hair looks fine.... agree with haircutz.... and also to add... she didnt follow the aftercare use the correct "looped" brush ... washed her hair straight away... probably used the incorrect products for washing.... just ignore her... get yourself well ...
By the way.. her hair looks fab... obviously her husband is a dick


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Thank you. I did what you said turned my phone off yesterday and went to bed and rested.
:eek::eek: this afternoon knock on my door and she turned up.
Lucky my mum helping me and was at mine went out to speak to her.
The woman says she been to citizens advice and she got a case she says in small claims courts. she got trading standards involved all because i am ignoring my phone. and my stylist is meant to be rubbish who done her hair. And she will not let him correct her hair. She wants me to pay for someone else to come in and correct her hair this Saturday.

Funny part is she not sure what she wants. Them out as hurts a little. or for me to order more to add more in. But saying that she got a case due to me not answering my personal phone. (My stylist is doing her hair)

I ask my mum how it looks (i was in bed when she turned up). her reply that she washed in cheap shampoo and conditioner as the ends where very dry compared to your products you offer the rest looked very good. but had been blow dry and nothing else.

Soo from Saturday her been at the salon for 6 1/2 hours having her hair done
to text me saturday night saying she would like it blending in more - book in for following Saturday 9.30am
sunday before 8.30am wanting the invoice
sunday teatime 4ish - 1 micro fell out due to her brushing
sunday night - asking what time my opertion
monday morning 7.30am - wishing me good luck
monday 9.30am - wanting a full refund -
monday afternoon 5 missed phone calls and texts
tuesday afternoon turning up at my house. When i have a salon

My offer on yesterday was we will take them out but we dont refund hair extensions. Or we can put more in if you want to add some more by the stylist that done the work.
One hard work pushy client. She signed a contract saying that she cannot use 3rd parties product. But to come to my house!! Not to the salon
Does she have rights with citizens advice and trading standards??


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She's beyond insane and taking you for a huge ride!

She's hoping to brow beat you and scare you into refunding her. Tell her to file a claim and you can't wait to see her in court. She has no case by the way and is lying through her teeth.

Tell her (by text) that you have decided to withdraw your previous offers as her continuing harassment of you at home whilst recuperating from a medical condition (her harrassment is illegal, funnily enough!) has damaged any goodwill you initially had and then refuse to have anything more to do with the little madam. Keep copies of all her text messages.

Clients like this really need banning from all their local salons on a permanent basis.

If she continues to harass you at home, file a complaint via your local police station.


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I would threaten her with harassment ! Gezzz whiskers that sounds like a client from hell, you poor thing .
Clearly you told her you having an operation and logically this women has zero thought patterns , she must be on medication or something is not well upstairs ...


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Oh my days might have to go to the police. She sending messages to my mum on Facebook to ask for me to call her. And come out to her house now and remove the hair extensions as she is in pain with them. I was totally confused by that message but my mum stated that she keeps her hair up tight on top of her head when she came out to the house so the extensions where pulling then. she left with the salon aftercare sheet and went through questions so she knows what to do. she could of bought the hair extenison shampoo set but didn't and not been back to the salon to buy.

I've had nightmare clients but nothing like this to come to my house and message none stop now to my family. Spoken to my insurance and they are in shock themselves that she turned up at my house with my salon been salon based. not mobile.
No idea what to do if i remove them then she will complain even more but she book in for Saturday with my stylist she does not want - fully book Friday with colours and not enough time on Thursday in the spaces do i just keep the Saturday appointment since she is not following correct after care by the looks of things. Since she said she taking me to small claims and got trading standards involved.
So instead of me resting doing all the paperwork cross checking everything just in cases arghhhhh


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I would revoke any offer of further apppintments and tell her that you have now notified your insurance and that she needs to go through them.


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Stop over thinking it and just point blank refuse to have anything more to do with her and silly hair.

End of..


This seems like a similar situation I went through a while back. I fitted a lady with the LA Weave method and she was over the moon (even lefted me a personal tip) she then got back home and her husband said he didn't like it... think he paid for her birthday or something anyway she did the whole I want my money back, I'm going to citizens advice blah blah she asked her a copy of her consultation which I happily emailed across a photo copy... with her signature (also states in the declaration no refunds due to health and hygiene reasons) she threatened me with small claims court etc I just ignored her, blocked her number, took her off my books and banned her on my Facebook page


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How did she get your home address in the first place?

What a nutter. Text her one message to say that as she is going ahead with court procedings your solicitor has advised you to have no further contact with her, which also includes your staff members. Any existing appointments are hereby cancelled and any further interaction will be carried out by your insurance company.

Then make sure she is blocked from your and your mum's phones and social media accounts. Possibly your staff too.

Write up the details of the treatment and all further interactions including any proof you have. Then forget about her and rest up.

Cheeky madam. It is people like her that make you question when a client has a real issue.

Get well soon x


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Well today been another eventful day.
I have two phones one business and one personal when i switch of business phone its off not many people have my personal phone.
Woke up to a message of a client that she sent an inbox message on social media asking for my mobile number.
I've spoken to my stylist who did her hair (which she said is rubbish) he received a message asking for him to send my mobile number to her.

Spoken to my insurance they have given me the advice.
I can message back that she got to choice of the following;
my stylist the one she does not like will remove them on Saturday 9.30am - in which she takes them (still no refund)
I can order some more to add more volume if she now wants by the stylist which she does not like. (still no refund)
I could refused to do her hair in which if it does go to court then would look bad in court refusing to do a clients hair (even what she doing right now)
Either way photographs have to be taken step by step to show evidence wise just in case.

My insurance said that i do right by not bring someone else in or get another stylist on it because she not said what she does not like about that stylist.
She just playing funny.
I can give my insurance details for them to reply back the same as what i say.
in which she could take me to small claims which they said they would love to see that due to it been harassment now she contacting my clients.
Trading standards would have been in touch by now they said but not had any miss phone call or anything from the salon.

My address was in a chat on the Saturday me saying i wish all the fireworks would stop where i lived and let slip think it was chit chat with a client sat next to her.
Back in the salon tomorrow doing light work so will see what happens.
Never had a client like this disgusting and should not be allowed in salons.


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I would make a poster with her face on it and have a "banned for life" put in your window if she carries on!
Honestly I would !


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I would make a poster with her face on it and have a "banned for life" put in your window if she carries on!
Honestly I would !
Wish i could had enough now. Following everything my insurance is telling me to. Sent her a message back with the policy information and what my salon offers. Also sent insurance details twice now.
she now ask questions do i have public liability insurance?? and yes wants to have more hair put in. (by the stylist who she thinks is rubbish)
and if i can send invoices??

I have sent a reply back that an documents need to sent in a request to the insurance company. due to the discussion that you have got trading standards involved and taking my business to small claims court. also done a break down of how we will do Saturday routing including adding extra time for toilet breaks to make the client happy if needs be.




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What an eventful day went in salon for a couple of hours to check see how everyone is and to get abit more of an update with stylist see how he is feeling about it.

When receive some message saying that the policy i have got is stolen from treatwell (never been soo shock in when we are partner with treatwell she never took a treatment out with treatwell but yet she rang them)
She also decided to ring my insurance company and sent me a load of messages saying they dont have no details on recorded.
I rang them and spoke to my solicitor today how to handle this client. Since she accept last night that she wants more hair added. no refund and was happy
Order the hair for the client to arrive in time for Saturday from my supplier express delivery.

later on this afternoon loads more messages saying that she wants the stylist to remove all the hair and to put new hair in the correct way dye to him doing it the wrong way she been to hairdresser saying it wrong. (i bought more to add not a full head when the hair is fine) a
Try to explain that every hairdresser depending on when you learn and where you train can be slightly different also depends on the clients hair and what you have to work with.

She then starts to send message how she try to ring the insurance asking question about when my insurance was started and what my insurance covers!!!! explain that my insurance will not speak to her regarding that information and she said she got a right as a customer. She got a right to have all original documents. i have stated over and over again that you have to write to them with your complaint and why want to claim.

After she started to say she needs her hair out now because she is in pain. due to that message the reply back was we will remove but will not put any hair back in due to the pain your having. She went crazy wanting a full refund,
She not said once that she had any pain to any of the stylist only to my mum when she turn up at my house and not the salon (who is not a stylist and does not work for my company).
Making out that i have been threatening that i have block number on monday (was in hospital due to the operation and then resting). she never said small court now or trading standards at all or consumer right act 2015 that she wanting to claim.

solicitors and insurance are in shocking they have never come across anyone like this. All messages are been kept for evidence but no phone calls since she keeps saying what she is doing later changing her mind. e.g says i have no insurance at all. but then sends a message saying she was asking questions to get all the details about my insurance.
She also does not think it right to pay staff wages in hair extensions. the staff should be paid by the owner!!. The price should be for the hair nothing else. No full head colour. no staff wage. no shampoo. nothing all on hair extensions. my salon must have a led sign saying free somewhere that i've not seen!!
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I would just stop and ignore her carry on and wait for the law suit if she is ever going to take this further.
You can't let one idiot ruin your life , stress is major factor to take into account.
Also bad behavioir should not be rewarded .
Throwing a tantrum is probably the only way she gets things because it is easier to give in to the tantrum then to ride it out. So do not have anything more to do with her as she clearly is not a full box of smarties


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Oh my god, I've been following this thread and cannot believe the updates!
You have done everything right and stick to what your insurer is advising; they're the ones in the know.
I would definitely echo what others are saying and now ignore her, stop replying to her and block her number if needs be. You actually did nothing wrong in the first place, even if you had it does not warrant this behaviour.
If she turns up to your house again, call the police as its harassment. Surely that alongside all the texts she is sending you would be classed as that?
By carrying on replying to her, you are giving her the attention she so desperately craves. This is so far removed from a normal reaction it's unreal, I'm shocked!
Poor you, I honestly cannot imagine how stressful this must be, but again, you have done nothing wrong and try to remember she will not gain in this situation as this is a crazy, unreasonable response!
I highly doubt she will actually pursue this to a the court, it's all talk. Just like her saying she has called your insurance company. Absolute rubbish.
Stop responding to her from now, you're giving her exactly what she wants, and making yourself more and more stressed in the meantime. Xx