Hair extensions suppliers-UK only

Hi all I’ve been using a certain company for the last 3+ years and can no longer cope with being unable to call and the shades being incorrect

Please list any suppliers you use so I can contact for samples as I need to start the process of finding a supplier all over again!!

Totally fed up and would rather not have this hassle when self employed!!!!!

Should say I use angelslocks for “high end” but they do not stock nano


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Euphoria one, sway, routes. Never used sjk but there's them too, lady locks, prestige, and transform


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Euphoria one and prestige for me. I did my training with Angel locks and their hair is amazing I just find it a bit pricey but if u have a range then I would think it’s high end xx


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I use Euphoria one they seem to be good for me and my clients.


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Try Glamlox Hair Extensions the quality and customer service is outstanding x


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I love Balmain.. I wouldn't use any other company!


Remi cachet ❤


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Hair Rebellion all the way for me. They have just started restocking nanos