Hair extensions - 'which supplier should I choose?'

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This is easily the most frequently asked question amongst hair extensionists, often preceded by 'where shall I train?'

Fact is like many things, you generally get what you pay for quality-wise. Bearing in mind that the hair is taken from a real human head, then you're looking at several years hair growth to reach the length suitable for selling/donating. Clearly, every 'batch' of hair will be different and it's unrealistic to expect a perfect consistency in every batch or between batches.

We have many experienced hair extensionists posting regularly on Salon Geek. Some geeks also offer training and others are suppliers of hair extensions to the trade. Consequently, there is a lot of good advice available to newbies.

However, consider any glowing recommendations for training, suppliers and insurers with a degree of caution.

Don't always assume that the recommendations are genuinely impartial and without bias. They may have a financial interest in a particular brand and therefore will gain by you purchasing from the company. Alternatively, they might receive a hefty discount from one specific supplier because they use them 95% of the time and purchase a lot of hair. But, if you don't qualify for the same level of discount, you might be better off with a different supplier.

There is also the question of ethics in the supply of human hair. Do your research and make sure you only purchase from reputable suppliers.

Caveat Emptor. Let the buyer beware!
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