hair loss, to cut or not to cut??


hi guys,:) i'm not a hair geek at all but wondered if i could pick your brains a bit.
I had my son 7 months ago and as i have with each of my babies, my hair is falling out, not in big clumps and most people probably wouldn't notice. It starts at my temples and thins out all over, i'm mixed race, so my hair is a european afro mix, its below shoulder length and curly, but the thinning out's making it look a bit crap at the moment:confused:
I'm getting really fed up and am thinking of getting it cut shot to try and improve the appearance. I guess what i'm asking is this likely to affect the loss, having to scrape it up into a bun for work each day isn't helping xx
any advicemuch appreciated xx


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Is your hair definately falling out or have you got traction alopecia?
This is where the hair is pulled into a tight ponytail or braids every day, causing the hair to fall out. This is very common.
Google it and see if you can relate to it. Other than that, see your g.p.
Hope you can sort it out.
Sorry I can't be of any more help to you.

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Your hair is most likely falling out because of hormonal changes with having a baby. This can go on for a whole year. My suggestion would be to go get some Nioxin shampoo and Conditioner and get yourself back on good vitamins like prenatals. That will help ease the hair loss.

Do not put your hair up in a tight bun or ponytail as this puts alot of stress on the follicle and will eventually loosen it. Try loose ponytails and buns. If after a week of taking your vits and using Nioxin , your hair loss hasnt lessened, I would get to your doctor and see what your hormones are doing and how to correct them.

If you have bald spots, get to a doctor right away..