Hair oil samples to gift to customers


I am no a hairdresser so please bare with me! I am a nail tech but I work with hairdressers. I am buying solar oil minis to give to my customers and want to team up with my business partner (hairdresser) to give our clients a christmas goody bag. We don't currently retail hair products as we have both been off on maternity but we are building business back up so we might start to next year.

Is there an argan / moroccan oil brand that does sachets/mini sizes in the same way that CND do the mini oils? I'm thinking we can give samples then people might buy bigger sizes in the future. I can't afford to buy in Moroccan oil as a brand, I'm hoping theres a more cost effective brand/supplier?

Many Thanks xXx
Joico do lovely little trail packs & gift sets, nice & cheap to, I give my clients mini K-pack oils there like £2 at the wholesalers