Hair orange after hairdresser bleached it

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Hi all,

I have just popped over from nails but I am looking for some hair advice.

My 21 year old daughter gets her hair bleached by the hairdresser. Her hair was a short pixie style but now she is growing it out and its just below her ears, so its not over long.

She had her hair bleached last night and it's orange. I have no idea what volume the hairdresser is using as she mixes it out the back.

She has been having her hair done this way by the same hairdresser for about 2-3 years with mixed results. Sometimes it's great but other times not so great. However this is the first time she has had it done with her hair a bit longer.

Admittedly she had a good few inches of re-growth and I realise that the virgin hair at the roots is going to lighten different than older bleached hair but it's the colour that alarms me, its orange!!! Both the roots and older hair have an orange tinge.

I have also noticed that the time she leaves the bleach on the hair can vary, sometimes from 45 mins to other times 90 mins. Last night she applied it all over, not just the roots and then pulled it through.

My daughter does not get any toners because she uses colour shampoo I buy from my wholesaler to get the desired colour, a pale pink. Sometimes she also used a purple toned shampoo, it just depends how her hair is looking after its been bleached. The products she uses are all professional, not from the supermarket.

Last night the hairdresser spent a while at the basin putting extra product on my daughter's hair. I asked my daughter afterwards what she was doing and she said she was applying something to help with blending. I have no idea what it was as I was not in ear shot.

My daughter's hair is dead straight and in VERY good condition as she rarely uses a hair dryer and never any hot styling tools and no styling products. She applies deep conditioning treatments regularly as well.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should say to my hairdresser. I am not the professional, she is, and I certainly don't want to upset her and she is great at cutting and it took us a while to find her.

But regarding my daughter's hair, I just feel like my daughter is paying for a service that she does not get, or are my expectations too high?

I will try to take some photos if you think this would help but my daughter has used her shampoo so it wont be the same as last night.

I would appreciate opinions from professional hairdressers please as I am getting frustrated with this situation.


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Orange?? No professional hairdresser worthy of the title should leave a client with orange hair after bleaching. No, no no.
Sounds like your hairdresser might be ok at cutting but rubbish at colouring.

When you say she applied it all over, do you mean she applied the same bleach mix to the roots as to the mid lengths and ends? That’s very poor!
90 minutes for bleach or colour to process is also seriously excessive! An hour, maximum. Otherwise, it needs removing and a fresh batch re-applying if it hasn’t lifted sufficiently. I’m assuming she was busy doing other clients in-between and just left the hair to over process.

Seriously, the time has come to find a hairdresser who understands about colour. If you don’t want to offend your current hairdresser, maybe stick with her just for the cut? I’m hoping she realises that she’s not good with colour so maybe she’ll be pleased that she doesn’t have to wing it anymore.

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Thanks so much for your reply.

When I saw her working at the basin (from afar) I did think to myself, she has stuffed up and is trying to rectify it..... somehow. So I asked my daughter what she was doing and she said that it was some product to help with blending.

I have to agree with you, I have often thought she is good at cutting but not good with colour, well not on my daughter's hair anyway.

I just checked with my daughter and she said she applied the bleach to her roots but pulled it through to the mid, leaving just the very tips untreated.

She put the bleach on my daughter then did my cut. But other clients were coming in. They were clients for the other hairdresser. Then the other hairdresser asked her to do something on one of her clients after she was finished with us. She said that was fine as she was not cutting my daughters hair. I didn't feel it was rushed as such but normally we would be there for 2 hours, Colour & Cut for my daughter and cut for me whilst daughter has her bleach on. Last night we were in and out in 1 hour.

Thing is I have seen photos of other colour work she has done, very similar too. and they look much nicer. But maybe its because she is doing a full head of hair and not having to do any blending.

I have no idea. I just hate inconsistency. I have noticed sometimes she does a great job at cutting my hair but other times its meh or she cuts it a completely different way.

I might just have to start the process of looking around again. So annoying.

My daughter has used the shampoo on her hair again today and its getting pinker, although I can see the orange. I will try to get a photo over the weekend and upload.

She says she likes it but I used to be platinum blonde and this is NOT that. It definitely was orange. I know its not correct.

I might also take my daughter to my supplier who have hairdressers there and see if there is a product they can recommend.
I have no idea what cancels out orange, lol.

Thanks again for your reply and advice, I really appreciate it


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If it’s orange, it needs lightening more. Neutralising toners will only make it light brown. They can’t lighten it.
Some hairdressers seem to take their regulars for granted and when that happens, you know it’s time to move on.