Hair toner gone too dark? Help please


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I've had toners in the past but never gone this dark! I loved it at first but once I saw it in proper lighting I got really upset I'm missing my blond so much!!:Scared:

I usually have a bleach, 703 and 83 in foils..

Well I come into my salon to have a cut and fancied a toner as my hair was looking a bit yellowish so I had a diarichesse toner 813 with a squidge of 8 left on wet hair for about 10 mins..

How long will it last? its so dark! and will my hair go back to the blonde it was?


It's probably the 8 base added to an already dark 8 tone that's made it dark. I could give you advice on how to remove it if you were a hairdresser,are you? If you aren't you won't be able to so what I would advise. It's way too technical and you would mess up more. Plus you would need the chemicals.

Don't worry too much, toners tend to shampoo out pretty quickly since there's blonde underneath - a week of shampooing your hair every day and you should be quite a bit blonder again ;) try leaving your shampoo on for a few minutes too :)


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Don't worry Hun, it's more a colour wash than a toner, so it'll fade, using a purple shampoo will help ash it up to appear lighter too, but not too much. Just washing normally it will fade x


The ash tone will always make it look that bit darker!


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