Hair toner to remove the brassy red tone?


Hello Hair Geeks,

Please may I ask for some advice? I got my hair recently highlighted. I have dark asian hair. I asked the hairdresser that I wanted the hair to be ash blonde and not the brassy color. I know it's possible to obtain the ash blonde color as I have had it done in India last year. However, some parts of the hair look more toned down to the color I want and the majority of the hair have that brassy tone. I want to buy the toner and do it myself at home. Which is the best toner to buy and the number of the toner please?

Many thanks


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It’s against the forum rules to provide technical colour advice to an untrained diy-er.
A normal toner won’t do much if your hair still has brassy orange tones, so you’ll need to go back to your hairdresser.


Thank you for your advise