Hairdresser cut 9 instead of 3 inches


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I'm sorry you've had such a poor experience in the past at academy courses as a model.
I've often gone but with the idea that I'm happy for a big change, so I'm good in an advanced class.

If you feel nervous then opt for a classic style/class.
It's not really fair to ask anyone for a complete restyle And to be scared of too much of a change.

I understand that you've taken a picture in the past, but the picture wasnt actually what you wanted- it was shorter.

I suggest you go to a local salon that's been recommended to you by at least 3 people who have hair similar to you- that have a look you like- and ask for a consultation with a stylist that 'enjoys cutting longer hair'.
Sit down with them and show them what you want. Actually what you want, a collection of several photos if need be.
Ask if that's possible with your hair. Then listen to their answer. Ask more questions if you need to about styling, upkeep, possible areas for concern etc.

Hopefully that stylist will be the right person for you, but if not ask for a second opinion from another stylist or at another salon.
But give people a chance to get to know you and to understand you.
Please dont present a busy person with an inaccurate look and hope they'll perform the work of hair expert, counsellor and fashion stylist in 45 mins.

Good luck mate
You've not read the entire thread and decided to answer with some wise words which actually hurt and have bought back some horrendous memories.

In the future, don't.


Dear Bella1100,

I'm so sorry if what I said was hurtful to you.

I had read the entire thread, including the bit where you asked Haircutz for recommendations for Sassoon academy.

I was trying to help you find somewhere or someone that could help alleviate your fear of having your hair cut and give you the look that you want.

I stand by what I was saying- take your time to find the right person, give them the chance to speak with you first to get to know exactly what your preferences are and be clear exactly what your boundaries are along with pictures so that both parties have the same visual.

If I phrased that in an unmannerly way I apologise and I hope you do find the service that you're looking for.