Hairdressers? Hair Growth


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I swear by Folic Acid for making your hair and nails grow quicker and stronger, i was prescribed it due to a blood disorder and noticed when i was taking it my hair and nails grew like weeds, i had short hair at the time about 3 years ago and now it is down to my waist, i have to keep getting it cut every six weeks or i would be tripping up over it lol, and my fringe is ridiculous i have to get that cut every two weeks, my hairdresser loves me lol
P.S I remember you hun
I agree and think also that thicker hair and good hair growth comes from within, because if we are not feeding it properly how can it be expected to get though all of its natural growth stages , a.c.t anogen,, catagen and telogen.

I have seen lots of peoples hair that keeps shedding prematurely before it reaches its maximum full length stage , this can be due to a vitamin or mineral deficiency, hormones, pregnancy , thyroid problems stress ect

I also could not grow my hair to its maximum length because I also had a blood disorder but different from loubyloos.
So I went to the doctors first and also had some blood tests
and was given a prescription for a deficiency , and my hair got back to its normal thickness and length but I guess what I am trying to say it is always wise to go to the doctors first as you may have an underlying health problem that needs to be detected and treated .:) minky