Hello my faithful hairdryer finally gave up on me today, i know there have been previous posts regarding recomendations for hair dryers, i have used parlux before but found the med temp too hot at times, any recomendations would be great and the reasons why you like your dryer?


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I've been using diva hair dryers for a few years now! I'd say they last about a year but they are a good price and are very powerful! :)


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I love my Parlux one x


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I love my parlux :) it's nice and light but still powerful. It's my favourite of all the makes I've tried.


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I still love my Parlux 385 as it's light and powerful enough for my needs. It's also lasted me well although I only work mobile on a part-time basis.

I have a Diva and a Babyliss dryer as my back-up hairdryers, which I keep in the guest bedroom so they don't get much use. They're good enough but the Parlux is lighter, which is why it's my number one choice.

Parlux is best hairdryers I love it and used.

I have several parlux hairdryers, they seem to last forever. I usually buy a new one every few years and keep the others as spares but they just keep on going so my daughters have one each. I usually buy one in the higher price bracket as they are lighter and more powerful. I see Dyson have brought a new one out, it's more expensive but I don't know if it's any good, the nozzle doesn't look narrow enough for my liking...


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Capital have an offer on Parlux dryers at the moment.

I got a dyson for Christmas and I really can't rate it at all. I have a parlux and its sooo much better. My parlux is hotter and feels a lot more powerful and i can't get use to the position of the buttons on the dyson. I'll definitely be returning it.
Anyone else got one?