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I am going to be purchasing about 25 Haken nail polishes and would like to know what colors you find you use most. I haven't been able to get a color chart, my supplier ran out and is unsure when they will be getting more in.
I would like to get about 10 sheer colors for my clients who like a subtle hint of color over their P&W's.
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Trina, just going over some old posts so forgive me if you already have your colour charts. Can you not go straight to the distributor instead of the supplier for your charts, I`m in the UK and I`ve never heard of them so I can`t help you, sorry.
No I haven't received my color chart yet. I could go straight to the distributor and will, but was just asking what colors other tech found more popular with their clients.
Well I don't know about that company, but Creative do a nice colour called Moonlight and Roses, which is like a sheer oily/pearly pink, and then they have another one called Transparent Touch which is similiar but in Blue. Apparently they are both really popular, and they are gorgeous colours.

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I love Haken polish, I have about 8 of them. I have a color chart and can tell you some of the sheers that would look good with a french:
#1 avalanche,#29 dirty pearl,#39 troll doll hair,#31 chain lightning??, #42 bare all, #66 honey mead,

if you like blue polish, blue moon and whirlpool are awesome, and I really like pink cadillac , and a green lounge lizard.

they have really pretty colors, the ones I have are sheer but even on the first coat and good coverage on the 2nd coat.

Love their body butter and shower gel too.
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