Hand made or pre made fans?

Ok so I'm qualified in both classic and russian eyelash extensions but Im still taking ages with the hand made fans. I'm also finding that a lot of people don't want to spend the time having their lashes done so now I'm debating on whether to get some pre made fans :/
What are people's thoughts on them both? And how many clients would a pre made tray last??
Thanks xx

When I was first building up speed I had pre-made fans the same brand as the lash trays I already had. If a set took a particularly long time I'd finish off with the pre-made fans. But my clients were aware of this as they knew I was still new to it. They did the job but overall didn't last as long as handmade fans and work out VERY expensive.

If you're advertising as Russian fans you will have to let people know theyre actually pre made


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I agree, if you are already qualified in volume you can use both but you need to differentiate on your pricelist, ie you cant advertise volume sets with premade fans as russian so you need to advertise them as premade volume for example.
You save time doing the set with premade fans but they work out more expensive so what you are saving in time you pay in product cost, BUT there is pro's and con's for everything and some clients prefer a shorter treatment time and if you can do another treatment at the same time then it might work for you and them. Another thing to consider (and tell clients) is that you are restricted with your styling as the fans come in set lengths so you cant offer certain styles and you also cant offer colour insets with the premade fans. Having said that, you get clients for both and it isnt necessarily the same clients so you might widen your client base this way?