Handing Notice In????


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Well Ive left the old job and started the new.

It was very sad leaving the old job and the girls but NOT the boss. The girls got me flowers and necklace and the boss refused to give any money towards it. She signed the card though!!!! How kind!!

Also found out she has told the other girls things I confided in her.She blabbed about a money issue I was concerned about a few months ago regarding the other girls at work which in the end turned out to be nothing. I discussed my concerns confidentially and she told one of the girls that I'd basically accused her of stealing from me!!! It was NOTHING like that.

So the gloves are off and now I've left I'm ringing clients and putting loads of adverts in the local paper with offers for old clients.

If she plays dirty so can I!!! Didn't wanna do it like this but I am NOT gonna be walked all over.

I'm so glad I'm out of there.

Well you did your very best to be fair and square with her ,
and it was very hurtful of her not to give towards the flowers ,:cry:

I don't blame you for feeling this way ,
perhaps if she had have been a bit nicer towards you it could have been a different story,
It is such a pity when some ( but not all) Bosses cannot communicate with their staff , a good old chin wag may have great for both of you ,if only she just would have participated,
Never mind Sweetcorn now you know exactly where you stand with her,
Also no one can say you never tried with this woman ,
As we all know on here what an uphill struggle you have had over the past few weeks,
Here's wishing you the very best of British for the future :hug: xx


Thank you very much Minky. xXx