Has 12/11 Wella Koleston changed formula

I have used 12/11 wella for years but the last 3 times has left a horrible orange banding
On myself and a few clients
I have had to bleach my roots as I like a more clean blonde
But don’t want to carryon bleaching so was wondering if anyone know an equivalent to 12/11 wella
I tried schwatzcoff 12/11 on a client but still left orange banding
So annoying when things are changed
Please help anyone


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We used this colour on a client today and it came out so muddy and grey!! We’ve used it many times before and it has always been fine, also had some problems with the 99.0 and 88.0 being waaaay darker, honestly like the wrong colour was in the tube xx


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I don't like the new formulation of Wella. Have used it for years. Trying other brands.