Has any company stood out for their customer service?


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I often browse through salon geek these days more as a spectator than a giver of info.

The most sort after question is often who to train with. Who is the best etc.

This week I would like to thank Kim Lawless and Beautytrix for their thoughtfulness and totally outstanding customer service.

Im going through a terrible time at the moment and needed help regarding training I had booked with Kim and training I had done with Flirties (beautytrix) lashes. Both required the companies to change things for me.

Can I just say that their kindness had led me to recommend both of them at the highest level. I think anyone with that sort of concern for their clients both already trained and prospective shows them to be the kind of company you want to be associated with.

Its not just about what they teach you its about how they treat you both before and after you have trained with them.

Thank you both from the bottom of my heart xxxxxx:hug:


Have to say this week, Sweet Squared and Creative Academy London have been absolutely great.

When I opened my box of Tibby Olivier at my course, the bottle had leaked, which the trainer verified before I opened the bottle. She told me not to worry and get in touch with S2 who would sort it out.

Contacted S2 and they sorted it out immediately.

The ladies at Creative Academy London are fab, all were very helpful indeed, sharing their knowledge generously - I'm not talking about the course I was doing either. Will def be booking more courses with them!

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I can also say sweet squares and creative academy + Bournemouth, fab training and great with enquiries x


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I would have to say "Crystal Clear" customer service is outstanding and the training was exceptional (from Jo), their skincare range does what it says on the tin as do the 2 machines I bought, complete package


Nouvatan always go above and beyond what is expected. A big thumbs up from me :Love::Love:


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My recommendation has to be sweet squared and Eve Taylor - both have gone above and beyond and are always professional and friendly.


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S2 are fab. My solar oil pipet had smashed & a replacment bottle was sent out not just a pipet!! I trained with lash perfect yesterday & a week before they phoned to see if I was ok to do the training & did I need any other info!!

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