Has Anyone Heard of 'Grace Cosmetics'


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A friend of my mother is a distributor for 'Grace Cosmetics' and has used the products herself with very good results which of course has got me interested but before I commit myself to becoming a distributor, I'm trying to find out as much as I can including whether any of you guys have heard of them, or if you've tried the products yourselves.

What I've found out so far is that its an Australian range of products (skincare, haircare, cosmetics) that are primarily aloe vera based, full of vitamins, natural and botanical not containing lanolin, bees wax, mineral oil or harmful preservatives.

What I gather so far is you hold 'demonstrations' or 'parties' (a bit like Avon or Virgin Vie), you get training (of which further investigation and information is needed) which enables you to familiarise yourself with the products and offer facials etc.

I like the concept so any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Tomorrow I shall be taking a look at some of the products they offer so will have a litte taster of how they feel.



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I used grace a long time ago. Their products were ok but I think their are better salon products out there than this and they were pretty expensive. I only got into it cos their eyeshadow palettes were great. I didnt feel made any money from it though. And yes, like virgin vie, body shop and oriflame you do at home in the form of parties.