Having a proper legal lunch hour or proper breaks


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Do any hairdressers get the legal breaks or lunch hours?
I have never had the luxury of a proper lunch hour and I have worked in lots of places
sometimes its eating in between clients ect ,
I just wondered if anyone ever got their full lunch hour or ever had their proper breaks ?


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No. :D
I don't think I have ever being a commission or salaried let alone a BR, have ever gotten a full lunch hour or even a half. :)
That is unless a client no shows and then I go quite stircrazy because after 26 years of doing this, it only takes me about 10 mins to eat.

Now legally, if on commission, salary, it is the law that you get a lunch break. Over here in the USA we get a hour's break total for every 8 hours of work ( I think)

Google working time directives to find out what your employer legally has to provide

have you got a contract??i was recently involved in some admin for a chain of hairdressing salons and we got contracts from the hairdressing federation which are in use in many places.


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have you got a contract??i was recently involved in some admin for a chain of hairdressing salons and we got contracts from the hairdressing federation which are in use in many places.
Hiya sorry guys I should have explained myself better , I'm self employed
And I don't have the chance usually to get a lunch break ,
I am not complaining though,
In fact I have never even known any hairdressers to get a proper lunch hour ,
I'm usually drinking cold tea and scoffing down butties in between clients ,
I once closed the shop just for 10 mins to eat my chips as I was on my own ,
then it was yooooo hooooo are you there ? Grrrr :irked:
I was just wondering how you guys cope too


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Its the same for beauty therapists,there are 2 of us in the salon and the shop is always open,so I go out the back to put my 3.30 lunch in the microwave:eek: then ring,a ding ding,in someone comes for a price list,I pop out to give it to the potentially new client,go back out the back,sit down.....then ring,ring,the telephone(no we dont let the answer machine kick in,when on our 15 min lunch,doing a 10 and a half hour day)Its like that all the time.

It's a nightmare,then you have the on going problem of clients arriving early:cry:I hate sitting out the back eating my food,knowing my client is sitting in reception and can probably hear the scraping of my knife and fork.Even though they say it's,' ok',when I tell them I'm on my lunch and wont be long.

Neither of us ever have an hour and rarely, half an hour lunch break,never mind the breaks we should have in between when doing our long day(Thursday)

I have accepted it now as being part and parcel of my job,does grate when Im starving,gone way over lunch time and then someone comes in wanting to chat about treatments,when my lunch is rapidly cooling down,but hey!!!!That's life eh!!!:green:

P.s I think the words "lunch hour",are just a figure of speach,lol

I just checked the law for the states.. here it is in a nut shell a 15 min break for someone 17 and under after 4 hours, 10 mins if 18. 30 min not paid but relieved of duties after 6 hours. If because the nature of the job does not allow for a 30 min get away then lunch must be paid for and the person just eats when they can here and there. Check your laws there maybe they may be the same or close

my staff get a choice... they can take a 1 hour unpaid lunch, or grab it between clients and get paid... totally upto them... me personally... i just grab a bite here and there..:)


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In 17 years I may have had possibly 2 full lunch breaks *lol*

Normally I eat whilst mixing a colour (gross I know) or whilst my lovely MA or one of the girls shampoo for me. For me its how I know I am at work if the tea is hairy and cold!