HD Brow/Definition brows


I've done a definition brow course, which was great, same steps as HD just not HD Products. I'm sure there will be small differences though as with any training.

I've started advertising in the salon, which has a good clientele, but we're not getting a huge amount of interest. People are sticking to wax and tint.

We've also just started doing LVL and had a lot of interest straight away for that.

Do people find you need the brand name for people to get really interested in it?

We've been doing advertising and talking to clients, before and after pics etc. The clients who have had it love it. But it's difficult getting more interest.

Any thoughts welcome!


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You will find that some people think that a tint and wax is the same thing as a full precision brow design as they dont know the difference.
Could you do a before picture, then one eye just with tint and wax and the other with the full brow design and make up? This way you can show the three next to each other and clients can see the difference and how much sharper the brow design is?

That's a great idea! Thank you!


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That's a great idea! Thank you!
A lot of people find that visuals like before and after pictures are most effective and it helps clients to see the difference for themselves. Once they had it done they will stick with it x