Heated or wheat bag manicure/pedicure mitts?


Does anyone still use these at all?

I have been thinking about how I can add a bit of luxury to my manicures and was thinking abut using heated or wheat bag type mitts but can't seem to find many places to buy them - does that mean they simply aren't used anymore in manicures?

How does everyone make their manicures a bit more special?

Just ordered botties and mitts in a package for £30 (inc vat) from Ellisons....BARGAIN as usually cost is this for just mitts. code is BH03A if you order over £50 free postage too x


Judge Gigi-Honorary Geek
I love the wheat mitts.

I hate the heated electric mitts ... They go hard and crack with use and I hate the wires trailing around ... I've known clients to sweep things off the table when they move etc. I personally do not use them.
Geeg - I saw a post from you regarding the same thing from a search I did and thought they would be great for me but can't find them on the internet.

Do you know where I can buy them? Searched CND but couldnt find them.

They would be ideal as I would much prefer that to a plug in version.




Judge Gigi-Honorary Geek
Post number 2 above indicates that Ellisons sell them ... I think Boots sell them and I'm sure Amazon.


I looked into these but have electric heated mittens at the mo so can't justify the extra expense just yet, but would prefer these than wires in the way.
look at wheateeze.co.uk they have the mitts that you slip the hands into, i'm sure ellisons only sell the electric ones though.
hth x