heeelp pleeeeeeeez - I need a name!


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hi i have just finished my training in waxing and want to go mobile,prob is i cannot think of a name to call myself.i don`t want to call myself shell mobile therapist in waxing,i want something catchy stand out,can anyone help pls.thankyou.:cry:


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not very good at this kind of thing...xx


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Shell`s Wax on Wax off services lol only joking hun :hug:


I think the name depends on what else you are looking to do in the future, if you are just going to stick with waxing, then you could mention that in your name, but in the future if you are looking to do nails, tanning etc, then you would need a name that will cover everything.


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"Insert name here" :lol: :lol:

I do apologise. I'm currently reading Thud!, Terry Pratchett's new book and the Commander of the Watch has a new "Gooseberry" who desperately tries to keep him organised.

But because the Commander hasn't read the manual, he doesn't know how to operate the Gooseberry and the imp within the Gooseberry keeps calling him "Insert name here" because he hasn't "programmed" his name in the Gooseberry.

So when I read the title "I need a name", I immediately thought about the Gooseberry :lol:

OOps when I saw shell mobile I thought of petrol!!!

hair today gone tomorrow..... sorry :)

soft as silk

how about Skin Deep?

Spritz! Quite like that ?

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hair we go

sorry couldnt think of anything else
sorry...i just signed up today and i guess i dont have enough points to write my own forum but.... i have an interview tomorrow... i did a full set and a manicure but she wants me to do a fill in also... are these the right steps
and if not plz write them down in stupid language for me so i can study them tonight....

polish remover (acetone)
file circular motion around nails (to smooth out line)
cuticle remober (push back cuticles)
oil around nail (true???)
acrylic (middle ball) than (cuticle ball) (thats what im having trouble with... i dont really know were to put the balls and even if to just put them in one area... plus i dont remember but i swore they told me to brush back toward the cuticle to...

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If youre referring to an infill (just the pink area, near the cuticle) then do this:

remove polish (if applied) with NON ACETONE varnish remover
apply cuticle remover (from which system youre using)
gently push back cuticle and remove any non-living tissue from nail plate
remove any lifting
blend in enhancement and thin down
remove dust, re-sanitize
apply primer (if system calls for it)
apply product, thinly
finish in normal manner

hope that covers it, its late here and im very tired, but hope that helped abit

i was told to use acetone so it softens up the acrylic... i did there fill a while ago and thats what they told me to do...didnt really like it but thats what i did... i guess i HAVE TO do it there way... hmmm but as far as that it sounds great

so was i ok with my directions? am i ok to follow mine?

u didnt tell me how many balls to use...can you explian that to me and where to start and end with them?


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hi thx all for your comments.:)


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OOps when I saw shell mobile I thought of petrol!!!
hi,thx:lol: ,i didn`t realise that.another gd reason not to call myself that.cheers.