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Dec 13, 2011
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Hi all, when I trained in nails less than a year ago I was taught using star nail ultimate lyte odorless acrylic. Recently I discovered that this product has been discontinued. So I have had to switch to a completely different product without any warning and my first client has complained. As I was trained with the ultimate lyte system (as old as it was) switching to a different product has been an incredible challenge. Tonight a client complained that her nails are dull and have air bubbles in them...my stomach sank when I read her message. The only thing I can think of is perhaps I am working too wet? All I want to do is master a great set of nails and make clients happy. I used Cnd on this set however it's incredibly different to what I've trained with and I'm worried I've used it too wet. I think I may lose sleep over this one...I've offered a full refund or a free set and Shes chosen the refund...I feel absolutely awful!!! Is working too wet the problem? :/ help! I feel like the worst tech ever!


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Oct 25, 2008
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north wales
take paper bag and breath!!! now , you have calmed down a bit lets look at the issues.

You used to use a product and had no problems. Now you have changed your product and you are having problems. Its just a case of getting used to your chosen product.

bubbles in acrylic mean many things but yes working too wet and too quicky are .

You did the right thing with your client, you offered her a choice , she took which one she prefferred. you didnt ignore her and make her feel bad, you took responsibility and gave good customer service. so, thats done. thats the past.

when you changed product did you get trained in this new product? Its always great to get the training if you can , a one day conversion course can help you to iron out any differences as that is what your tutor is for.

so, if you had a tutor, call them and ask for help.

If on the other you didnt get a conversion course, you can still ring up the company for advice.

why not set some time aside and get some practising done, learn to feel your new chosen product? oh and dont feel bad, just make some POSITIVE changes and things will improve


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