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Aug 9, 2014
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North Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Hi geeks,
Back when I did my training my EA told us we had to have an MSDS sheet for every single product we use, which is fair enough... But I'm having a little trouble gathering them all together.
She told us for all CND products we could get them off their website, which I have done.. Well most of them.
In the list of sheets there's nothing for any of the previous additive collections such as the paradise collection.
I get it isn't the latest one, but it's still for sale so surely they should still keep it?
And also brisa lite smoothing gel!? They have them for the base and top coats but not the smoothing gel itself?
I emailed my EA asking where I would obtain sheets for non CND products such as d sperse and multiple Mundo sanitising products which I use and she emailed me back with a bunch attached.
In the ones she sent me there where also sheets for irresistible/lecente glitters and foils (seriously, glitter and foil!?) if she hadn't of sent me them I would never of thought I'd need one.. Is there any other products that you need one for that you wouldn't expect to? What about the geeks that buy glitters from eBay!?
And lastly is it really necessary to print all of them or would it be okay to keep them in a folder together on my laptop or iPad which I keep with me all the time (hate having loads of sheets of paper lying about)
Thanks for any help, really getting overwhelmed with it all!


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Sep 4, 2008
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Here's a link to a document produced by Braintree District Council that discusses the health and safety requirements in nail salons.


It's a legal requirement that any supplier must provide a Safety Data Sheet for any cosmetic product on request. Obviously this applies to gels, acrylics, liquids etc we use in the salon, but also glitters, pigments or foils. Note that there are special grades of glitter and pigments that are approved for use with cosmetics. Glitters in the local art shop are not approved or allowed to be used in cosmetics.

See final paragraph here about SDS must be supplied ==> COSHH assessment: Identifying hazard and assessing risk

An interesting legal point is who becomes responsible for the safety of the product when the nail tech mixes glitters or pigments in gel or acrylic? The manufacturer would rightly state that the nail tech modified the formulation. So unless the nail tech did due diligence and knew for sure that the additives were approved for cosmetic use, they may find that their insurance was invalid.

Geeks who buy glitters or pigments from eBay or any other supplier without knowing of the product is cosmetic approved are therefore taking a risk.

Note that MSDS is an American term. The correct document name is Safety Data Sheet and although these contain similar information as MSDS, the SDS have to meet the EU legal requirements. A MSDS is not an acceptable replacement for the SDS. (although some US manufacturers continue to provide MSDS because they didn't make SDS).

You can keep the SDS in printed or electronic form.

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