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Oct 13, 2015
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Hello.. I need some advise... ive started working in a salon for an apprenticeship for hairdressing... however there is the bonus of me being a fully qualified beautician. . However my manager in the salon has agreed to do 50 50 on beauty treatments takings.. BUT.. the other woman that's working alongside me.. is getting full price and is not qualified... how does that work? I didn't go to college for nothing and to get 50 percent is still not what I'd like however I am using the salons products and not my own so I shall not moan about that ... but ..whilst the other lady is getting full price and no qualifications in beauty just learnt with the manager.. feel very unappreciated. .. but it's because I think my manager cannot afford to pay me apprenticeship and beauty so she's paying me the beauty treatments at 50 percent.. but surely this should be the other way around ?? The woman without qualification should be getting 50 percent at the least.. not full price.. I need to know what everyone thinks before I mention something to my manager.. feeling very concerned. . Thanks for the time reading.


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Aug 11, 2011
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West Cork, Ireland
I'm unclear as to whether you are employed/self employed as you also mention an apprenticeship.

On the face of it, it all sounds a bit odd but as it's her business, it's entirely up to her what arrangements she makes with individual staff.

I think firstly, you need to decide regardless of what other arrangements exist, do you want to continue working there? If you hadn't known about the arrangement with the other person, would you have been content with your fifty percent?

Usually if a Salon supplies products the normal split when self employed is 40% to the therapist.


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Aug 18, 2013
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I think the terms of your employment are different to your colleague so if you were happy to agree to those terms as a means of you completing your hairdressing qualification before you knew what others were getting then don't worry too much about your colleague. I take it you are getting an apprenticeship wage too so 50% of your beauty income is quite generous on top of that considering they are providing products, clients etc.
Is your colleague self employed? In which case it works a bit differently and they won't get the same benefits as you such as holiday pay.
If they are employed then that is obviously an agreement between them and not really your business what your boss pays other staff although if your boss is employing unqualified staff, that is another issue and in the long run it should work out better for you cos the clients will prefer the therapist that is more highly qualified!
It's never a good idea to discuss who earns what at work cos people are at different stages in their career and generating more income to someone who has just started so pay is bound to differ and can cause bad atmospheres if discussed openly at work. Just focus on your apprenticeship and then when you have all your qualifications plus the extra experience you will be in a better position to negotiate!

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