Help, gel nails peeling


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Hi all. I have a client who is a florist and any gel she has had before never lasted. I have done them and they lasted 3 weeks but that was over xmas. Now she is back at work they have only lasted 4 days. What can i do to helo keep them? Would 2 top coats help. Tha ks


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If the client could keep a set on for 3 weeks then you are applying the product correctly for her nail type so probably not much else you can do at your end.
Try to work out exactly what is making the gel lift - chemicals, hand sanitiser, products with alcohol in them, not wearing gloves etc.
Maybe there is something coming out from the cut flower stalks that affects the gel adhesion? Perhaps someone on here knows about such things?...

My best guess would be that she is not wearing gloves when handling the flowers and something is getting in around the edge of the gel and so the bond dissolves and lifts the gel. Hand sanitiser definitely does this so there are probably other chemicals out there that also affect nails this way.

Anyway, not your fault, she needs to adjust her work activities if she wants to wear gel polish. Her choice. You can only advise.


Sounds like she is being too rough with her hands due to her job. Clients think we are responsible for their nails even when they leave the salon! If they don’t take care of them then you don’t want clients like this :)

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Sounds like she is hard on her nails when she's at work. Assuming you are currently doing gel polish on her, If you are trained in hard gel offer this as a Extra service. And charge her for it.


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Hi there! My mum is a florist and has possibly got to be my worst client for gel longevity! Unfortunately it comes with the job and as careful as she is with them, the grotty jobs that gloves cannot be worn for still have to be done! You’ve proven to her that nice nails are possible so you could always suggest a nice manicure with exfoliation and massage if that’s something that you offer, or if not focus on some cuticle work and nail shaping with a buffed finished as florists cuticles in particular can get very sore from being in and out of water all of the time. Then it’s an extra special treat for holidays etc when she can have her gels back again! I hope this helps!


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Thanks. Glad to know it's not something i have done.