Help, green tanning lotion!

Kirsty Ramsey

I ordered 1 litre of tantastic golden arrived this morning and when i opened the bottle it looks green!!!! Is this normal?? Thanks xxx

House Beauty

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Nope this is not normal, it’s probably been on a shelf for ages.

Go out and buy some for your nearest supply store if you need it desperately and send it back.

The good news is, in an emergency it will still work. But the client will be a greeny colour and will likely need to scrub the green of instead of just rinse the next day. I’d avoid that if you can!

Kirsty Ramsey

Thank you, that's what i thought but just checking! Xx

Samantha Sona

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Hi Kirsty, the reason is that they have used artificial colours in the tan. In order to get a brown colour, they would have used red, blue and yellow. However, the red degrades when it is exposed to extremes of temperatures so all you are left with is blue and yellow = green.

Go for a tan that does not contain these artificial colours:

Red 40 (CI 16035)
Blue 1 (CI 42090)
Yellow 5 (CI 19140).


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Just for info for anyone finding their bottle of tan has gone green! -

I had the end of a bottle of tan go green last week. Fortunately it was the Fast Tan that I only use on my daughter. (I just wanted to use it up!) - it was ok the week before, so it went quite quickly! I only really noticed it as I was spraying her and as it was my daughter we decided to carry on as we were both curious to see if it actually would take still! (If it was on a client I definitely wouldn't!!) ... anyway, the result (even after sleeping in it) was much lighter than normal. I suspect it'll wear off faster too, so it would appear it does effect the quality of the tan. (I will add this bottle was opened over 6 months ago though, so not sure if it was a newer bottle).


the original not the fake
the green tinge can also come about through oxidation...if the bottle lid is left off for a period of time in a humid environment the moisture in the air can have an adverse effect on the colour
generally this doesn't destroy the tan however your client may look like a green martian initially until the initial colour guid is thoroughly washed off

Golden brown look is so good


Learning so much here!

Kirsty Ramsey

Thank you everyone.. the company sent me a replacement...which was also green!!! Ive given up with tantastic lol xx


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If its green its gone off ! Thats a first sign !
Dont apply it ask for your money back