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Hi guys I've got a few questions regarding extensions but I'll start by asking for advice first please, I recently did a hair extension course for LA weave, nanos and tapes which was really good, but now I'm ready to do them in the salon I'm really nervous! I've practised on my doll head and my sister. I was thinking of doing an offer of free fitting and me provide the hair for a limited number of models, what do you think??


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I’m going in training for LA Weave next Monday. I’m very excited!!!

I’ve been doing some research into what other extensionists have been doing and from what I’ve seen the client has paid for their own hair at cost price but then the fitting has either been free or reduced.

I’d be interested to see what others have done. Could get quite costly if you pay for the hair.

You also may get clients that are only having them done because they’re free/cheap.
They may not take care of them properly and this with have an impact on your reputation and your confidence.

If you haven’t done so already, join the fb group ‘help and advice for professional hair extensionists’ - I’ve found this group so helpful.

Iv come on here as a new member today to ask the same question, my worry is I don’t have any evidence (pictures of my work) to show clients as Iv not started yet.
My course is just over a week away and not sure how to get clients to put trust in me.
I’m currently doing classic lashes and due to do Russians in February.
My thinking was to charge clients for hair only and cover my fuel for a certain amount of clients so my time, cutting and styling is free till I get the evidence I need.
Also I was thinking about doing the same above but throw in classic lashes at a discounted price so I’m making a little something and will look more desirable to clients as getting 2 treatments for a very low cost.


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You can practice many times on doll head or Mannequin head, Practice makes perfect, later you can do a promotion, like no service fee, or have a discount, then clients will go your area to try,

Yes practice make person perfect you can do promotion and clients will starts coming to you.


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Thank you for your advice guys, yes practice makes perfect so will keep it up, I was thinking of suppling the hair obviously client will have to pay up front and wasn't sure if I would give them discount on the hair (trade price) or charge full then do a free fit
Having this same thing to work out how to build my portfolio etc. Id get them to pay the normal price youd charge for hair, and then free/ discount fitting. As people dont like to know what mark up they are paying. For example you charge £100 for it at cost but your normal prices are £150 for the hair, where as if they order if as a returning customer it’s still £150 and expect to pay for the fitting/styling this time :)