Help needed

hi i am still training in nails and beauty for another year but wondering which is the best to do bearing in mind i am a single mum to a 5 yr old out of going mobile, salon, etc....
i am lost


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Do you have the room to open a home salon?

nope i dont and i also have 2 cats, otherwise it would havee been perfect. i would prefer to work in a salon/rent a room but my area has 7 at the last count. don't know what to do


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You could either go to the "best salon" using the better products and with the better reputation and ask for work in there OR........................

go mobile, that way you will be in charge of your hours and can work just during school times if that makes things easier and you have no childcare.

Sorry! Not sure on your current situation so that's all the advice I can give you!!

HTH Teri x :hug: