Help please as my son hates his ginger hair .

Discussion in 'Hair' started by sj1973, Aug 1, 2008.

  1. mcmog
    I think it's a real shame that kids feel they have to dye their hair. Ginger hair is beautiful and very rare! I actually dye my blonde hair auburn and only wish I could make it grow this colour :)

    The parents of children who bully in this way disgust me - they have obviously never taught their children any respect or compassion for other people. Yes, all kids will tease, but they should react when the object of teasing is obviously upset and be shamed into stopping.
  2. opal
    its so bad that people tease others becasue they have ginger hair my mate 's brother has shocking ginger hair but the ladies love him i think if he had blonde he wouldent have half the attention .
    i love redheads i thinkthe tasingis about jealously really cos they know that gingers get all the attention when they are older xxxxxxxxxx
    look at ginger actors can;t bloomin remember names but some of them are gorgous ooohhh name is on the tip of my tongue
  3. ellcee
    I think i'll join the club! I have red hair too, im 18 just now but as you have said all through my life people have made remarks and comments about my hair colour. I used get really embarassed about it and annoyed, not to the people saying it ofcourse. I wouldn't say I was bullied but people think its funny slagging red hair, dont ask me why? The other week infact my youngest brother hes 5, we are the only 2 in my family with red hair. He started primary one and a 5 year old, yes a 5 year old teased him about his hair! His dad simply said "kids eh?". I was really frustrated because it hurt me through the years and at 5 year old its basically started for him. (he called the boy bannana head though haha) Now I feel as I have got older more people make positive comments about my hair, but theres always the people who think its funny to call you names. I feel really offended by ginger or gengy, a mean we dont have different names for brown hair or blonde or black so why red? If you get my drift lol. I hate when people go OMG MY HAIR LOOKS GINGER EWW. Anyway as you probably can tell this subject really frustrates me so i'll finish my wee rant hehe. From a parents point of view my mum could never understand why people could say things like this but when your not a red head its hard to understand, some people treat it as if your a lepar. :( Anyway, when your children get older they'll realise that having red hair is unique, and being unique is a good thing. :)
  4. Tracys Beauty
    my 2 children have beautiful red hair, my son is 9 and my daughter is nearly 5, my son billy gets upset sometimes because some people take the micky out of him and then he says he want to dye his hair, i tell him his hair is a beautiful colour and ok as it is, last year i did put a blonde streak in because all his friend were having it done and he loved it, my daughter has very long hair and always people say hoe nice her hair is, im very proud that they have red hair and wouldnt change it for the world
    Tracy x x
  5. Terese
    I just have to reply to this thread

    My son is 12 and has bright ginger hair, freckles.. tall for his age....and is always, always , always the first to be picked out in class.......I have said to the school to please look before casting the blame because he is saying to me all the time...why am I always getting the blame......higlights may be a good idea! I will see what he says

    I do think girls have it easier than boys......however, there are always exceptions and kids are so cruel.....
  6. scottydolly
    it sucks people get bullied for something like hair colour. . i LOVE naturally red hair. . even the orangy ginger kind, my big sis has like UUBER ginger course hair and i think it is just the most amazing hair ever, she hates it tho. . but i mean i have had folk into the salon tryin to get their hair coloured ginger. . . i think we shud personally start a revolution. . . all salongeeks ROAR GINGER ALL THE WAY RAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWR. . . X
  7. mannipatch
    I just had to post on this thread as I understand what you mothers of red head kid's go through. I am a natural red head, went through all the demoralising taunts at school but I feel it made me stronger inside after time. I am also the only red head in my household with my mum, dad, sister and brother all dark. So I got the usual taunts of 'milkman, ginger nut' etc.
    When I went home in tears because of the taunts which made me hate my hair, my mum and dad and whole family always enforced in me that I had lovely hair. They pointed out other attributes I had rather than focusing on the colour of my hair.
    I soon learned to retaliate and when my so called freinds and I fell out and they called me ginger nut, I retaliated with, ok I have red hair and you don't like it but I'm thinner, smarter and far prettier than you. Yes I spoke up for myself, never had any problems when dating and was always the first to be asked out when clubbing with my mates, the same mates who taunted me about my hair, I had great satisfaction as a teenager when one of my mates fancied one of the boy's and that boy in turn asked me out, I used to say 'so who wishes they had red hair now then'! Teenage stuff.
    Then I married and had my baby who is just past 22, 6ft 5in with bright red hair, much brighter than mine was and I cried for him when he was born because I knew how he would be slated.
    Jordan hated his hair from about the age of 6 and always wanted it dyed, he had a much worse time than me at school because of his hair, always picked out as the one to start a fight etc. Then at 11 we went to Canada where they love red hair and he was so popular with the girls and never mentioned his hair. We returned back home when he was nearly 17 and the same thing started again, loss of confidence and low self esteem caused by his very healthy interest in girls and when he asked them out they would say 'I like you but could never go out with someone with ginger hair'. I think it is much harder for boys than girls as girls can be so cruel by saying 'yuck he's got red hair'.
    So he went from being popular with the girls in Canada to very unpopular with the girls here and according to my son just because he had red hair. So he went dead short and dyed it blonde (which made me so sad) for a while - it was the only way he could cope with it at that time and the truth is once he went blonde he was again the popular guy with the ladies. He eventually had to stop bleaching it as he took a reaction. I tried all the same tactics that my family had done with me but nothing worked. I said things like 'someday you will be sad that you spent so much time worrying about the colour of your hair', that these people that say things like this are not worth knowing and everyone has something they don't like about themselves. To accept the colour of his hair and move on and find a determination to not let them get you down. Instead of worrying about his hair to show them that he has lots of other attributes. So eventually he got used to it, stopped wanting to dye it, stopped worrying about it but still hates it. Jordan is the youngest ever to work on the Tornado for the Saudi Airforce in Saudi, £50,000 a year tax free, plus a 4 bedroom villa, cleaner, washing allowance, food allowance, 9 weeks full paid holidays a year with free flights. Now listen you mothers of red head kids, I can't help wondering how much of the bullying, taunts and disappointment about his red hair succeeded in giving him a determination and strength of character to become what he is today. :)
  8. gruppo
    Highligts will only take away some of ginger hair . I recomend to use nan-ammonia color to change the tone.
  9. Annoymous
    Man man man, I come from Europe ( holland ). Im real ginger im a guy 18 years old. I got bullied all my life for being a ginger i absolutely hate the hair colour, the freckles and all that stuff it's not normal. Me and me friend actually counted it down how many times someone you don't know calls you a ginger its rougly 3-4 times a week. Im talking about school weeks only! so like 3-4 times per 5 days. Im bodybuilding for like 3 years now. I always walk in a sweater because i hate the freckles on my arms. But this is my last year at high school now they'll be removed. Also im 1000000% sure im gonna colour my hair. I just wanna say to you parents out there it's AN ****ING HELL having ginger hair these days. Especially when that ****ing southpark epsidode came out. Also it's like when i come back to that school with new hair, new very musculair arms :). No freckles. Me and a friend think they don't even know me!. Because i always wear a sweater because of those freckles. Although i found a salon where theuy remove it every where from your body for arms+hands u pay 500 euro. Im very glad with that. But i really wanna say if you have a ginger kid and it's a boy he'll sure be bullied hard like hell. It's not normal.. Im gonna have so much confidence after this high school year :):):). Showing my arms off with new hair. You might think my arms look horrible but there is self tan. Sound maybe a little weird for boys but you don;'t wanna have nice tanned arms :p
  10. Annoymous
    it might sound weird to you guys who dont ahve red hair but it's an hell you parents out there! especially when ur a boy. In my country no1 likes it. I knew 6 people with it. They all coloured it. Also being bullied for ur red hair hits ur confidence so hard !
  11. scissorsister
    why don't you colour his hair darker then? It would look so much better than highlights
  12. Annoymous

    highlights around enough brah you have to colour the whole hair idk how to say it hehe
  13. HairSquared
    A teenager coloring their hair is not the end of the world people!!! When you think of alternatives to ways kids can express themselves......tatoos, markings etc. its MINOR! And to parents whos children suffer from self esteem issues, it is truly devastating to see a child so withdrawn and miserable over something as small as their hair color.
    I have 2 ginger color clients, one 11yr old boy and a 12 yr old girl......boy goes darker to a level 6 ash brown, and the girl gets a mix of high and low lights with a bit of her natural showing.
    Seeing tears in a kids eyes when they thank you is by far enough to change my thinking on coloring for kids. Anytime kiddos, do what makes YOU feel good.:hug:
  14. dee
    i would do a kids hair if they were being bullied :green:,
    i was bullied at school for being smalll and theres no way to change that , lol other than growth hormones which my mum wouldnt let me have anyway ,granted as i grew up being small actually worked well for me :lol: but at school it was terrible ,
    and now a days kids are so much crueler than they were in my day, so i dont blame any kid for wanting their hair done at all if it stops them being tormented
  15. PLAOH
    My eldest daughter has ginger hair and plenty of freckles too. I know exactly how you feel as a parent. I personally love the colour of my daughter's hair but when you see other children and ADULTS make comments and slowly zap your child's self esteem, it is heartbreaking.

    Fortunately, she never encountered any bullying/comments through primary school...the trouble started the day she started high school at 11. I too had her hair highlighted which did lighhten the overall shade and helped her through the difficult time.

    I'm delighted to say that my daughter is nearly 15 and decided 9 months she no longer wanted to be blonde, so we opted for a brown/red semi which looked lovely but made her look far too old for her years. She has now decided to go back to her natural she is older, people rarely comment and if they do she seems able to deal with their ignorance.

    For some reason people think it is perfectly acceptable to make comments about ginger...but i can't make comments about other people ...but that's a whole new thread :rolleyes::hug:

    I hope your son like his new hair style and hopefully in time will grow to love his hair as his confidence increases.:hug: Why is being a parent so hard sometimes:lol:xxx:lol:

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