Help please! Discount advice for mobile therapist


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Hi everyone,
Sorry if I’m in the wrong place. I’m going mobile at the beginning of December (after being in salons for the last 15 years) What I wanted to ask is do you provide any discount for more than one person having treatments done in one house at the same time.
Eg - 10% off each clients bill. If being done on the same day one after the other at the same location.

I have lots of clients that are “linked” either family or friends and was thinking it will save me loads of time packing/unpacking the car and in travel? If they come to one house the 10% will kinda pay for itself.. also might gain some new clients too..

Thoughts please.
Thanks so much x


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Personaly I don't offer, but if someone asks I might knock a little bit off, only if it's a large amount to begin with x


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No just don't do it. Why discount your services ? You will always be expected to do it.


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Ordinarily, I’d be wary of offering general discounts but I think this is more of a ‘refer a friend’ type discount if you can do more than one person in the same house, then you’re saving travel time and costs.

Maybe just have an limited time offer as a marketing tool when you first start off to see if it’s worthwhile?


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Thanks very much

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Discounts often attract clients that just want stuff cheap. As soon as you put your prices back up you'll lose them again. If you want to do something to attract people then try adding value to your services instead of discounting, such as free scalp massage during a facial, free hand and arm massage during a nail treatment. These are all things that have very minimal costs to you but make people feel that they're getting a good deal.