HELP! self employed hairdresser trouble


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hi i have recently opened my own hair and beauty salon after trading as just a beauty salon alone for 12 months, i took on a girl to rent a chair on a 50/50 split i provide the products and everything else however she keeps saying as she is self employed i cannot tell her what to do. i do not boss her around if anything i sweep up and tidy after her whilst she sits around when not busy, i try to encourage her to get clients through the door by suggesting she hand out leafets etc but she says it looks desperate, and does not want to. she is the only stylist i have as i just cant seem to get anyone qualified to rent a chair i am desperate to find out where i stand as i dont want to boss her around but i should surly have some rights being the salon owner?


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Surely being that its your premesis you can say to her if she's not prepared to clear up after herself properly you will charge her more or something? She may be self employed but it is your salon and leaving it messy will tarnish your salons reputation more so then her own iykwim? Self employed or not she should follow basic ground rules to make working together a pleasant experience for both of you and to show some respect.

Hi, That's quite a tricky you have to work together! I haven't opened my salon yet so I don't know what that is like?
I have been looking into sub-leasing space tho, and it seems to be quite important that a contract is drawn up between both parties. You can stipulate certain codes of practice that they must follow. Which from a legal point of veiw would cover you if you wanted her to leave.
However making the relationship work is much more tricky! Good luck. Would be great if you could keep me updated as your experiance could well help me soon!

Maybe if you could find another stylist, she would see that you are not as dependant on her! You could try contacting your local college maybe a newly qualified level 3 student would be interested in building their own client base?

Good luck...



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I dont have any problems tidying up after her and i think a 50/50 split with all towels products, laundry, etc included i feel she is getting a very good deal, the only iossue i have is her sitting in the window eating snacks, and refusing to help promote her business saying that i cant tell her what to do when all i do is ask her to work as a team to get more clients as the salon is very new. also when i was renting a chaor 15 yrs ago i was expected to work the same hours as everyone else was i not supposed to do that and if so maybe it would be less hassle to just employ someone


hi i have this with my nail techi have just opened and we are always out giving out flyers me and my staff. while she sits at the nail desk and doesnt do anything no advertising at all. she says the same thing that its embarrasing...well we are getting enquiries and bookings and she hasnt had one person through the door. she also just comes and go whenever. i have given her notice and will replace her.if she isnt going to do adverts and your on a profit split your earnings will be affected.there are people out there who really want to rent and will work at getting clients to earn money etc..i would talk to her and see what she says...


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Hi, I used to rent a chair from a salon owner ,
with chair renting it's better to have a good relationship with the salon owner and respect each other enough to help each other out when needed or if busy, as it helps to maintain team work and a good working relationship,

if your renter is renting a chair and its 50 /50 split
she may feel that the tiydying is all part and parcel

at 50/50 it's usual for salons to supply what the renter needs and maybe an apprentice to help everyone out and keep the salon a bit tidy ect...

If I were the renter I would help clean up the salon if it was needed and it wouldnt bother me at all ,

perhaps she thinks that she should just keep her own station clean and tidy and clean up her own mess ,

are there are no clear guidelines set out in a contract ? maybe this is causing confusion and conflict of opinion

a contract drawn up for the chair rental stating who supplies what ... eg products towels eclectricity maintainence coffe tea services may help solve these issues ,

you may be better getting a clear rental contract drawn up by a solicitor (there is a good one on here called YS salon solicitors )

try and have a chat with her and keep commumicaton lines open as much as possible

hope you get it sorted out, do let us know :) minky x

here is a link you may find helpful too

Hairdresser Chair Rental and the Law - 02/09/2008 (Hairdressers Journal Interactive - Business)


pfft!!! she sounds very rude to me!!
as the owner of course you have the right to ask her to promote the business, especially as the proceeds go into paying your rent!!!!!!!!!!!
have you thought of another way to advertise??? and maybe suggest that you want a minimum of X amount per week to make her get off her bum and do something about it,
you most definatly need a contract...
you may not be her BOSS but you sure sure as hell have the say over how your salon is run, and no one wants to see a lazy girl ditting round
best of luck xxxxxxx


My question is, are you making money out of her? if so, then put up with her and maybe implement some of the other ideas in this thread. If your making very little or nothing (as I suspect if shes sitting around snacking) then ditch her. My experience is that staff make an effort at first then get more and more lazy. If shes a pest now, it won't get easier. If she is self employed she has no employment protection. you can get rid at any time. just make sure she is out of the salon in record quick time before she can do any damage.