Help, thinking of opening a salon in Belfast


Hi everyone!

I’m in a bit of a Dilemma, so basically I do nails and the odd beauty treatment. I am currently renting a full floor up above a sunbed shop at a cost of £130 per week (not a lot of people even know I’m up there as there is no signage, this includes rates and electric ect) I work on my own with all my own clients That have followed me from a previous salon . I would have a decent clientele, however... I have been approached about potentially opening my own salon as there is currently one vacant 2 doors away from the sunbed shop . I have always dreamed of opening a beauty salon but I worryHow to advertise for staff.. is this idea something I should think about? There are already a lot of salons currently on the road but I am good at what I do and have confidence that my nails are just as good if not better.Am I being over confident? Please help xxxx


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What's your business USP? Being great is only one part of the equation and you'll need to dramatically increase your revenue to cover the cost of shop overheads.

Also, finding good staff seems to be a regular impossibility based on posts on here. No matter how good the wages.

Then you need probably the money for marketing, spruce the place up, cushion money etc. on top of the weird times we find ourselves in.

If you don't mind me asking (ignore this question if you don't want to answer) how much money could you put aside for this venture?


Thanks for your reply,
I teach students at my local college and I am also accredited so I can provide training from my salon.
I have all my stock and furniture/equipment etc..
I don’t have a lot of money behind me at the moment but I do generate a decent income I am also saving and as I am currently paying £520 per month and the rent of the shop will cost £600 I will only need to pay the electric and rates on top of what I’m paying out at the moment so I do believe it Is do-able