Help to buy home business


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Hi does anyone here run a home based beauty business in a house they have purchased using help to buy? I'm looking into starting an eyelash extension part time business but someone told me they think that I am unable to because I used this scheme! Will obviously look into it but wanted to see if others found this to be the case.


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We've just recently bought our first house under help to buy and there are tons of bits and pieces as part of the purchase and management company regardless of the actual help to buy scheme but I can foresee issues.

As a standard;
1. You'd need council approval
2. You'd need approval from your mortgage company

With a new build you'd probably need developer/management company approval and also I think the help to buy wouldn't be happy on the basis that part of the property would then be commercial and the help to buy is for residential only.

I do think I remember reading in the paperwork nothing more than clerical work or office based work can be done at home and that's fairly standard. Most people don't want people coming and going at their neighbors and the unwanted extra traffic/cars ;)