Help to find a fast track course I can do around my job


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Can anyone help me please?

I studied hairdressing as an apprentice and did in house training at a salon years ago. I didn't ever complete my training (had to quit due to situational reasons) and I've always regretted it! I loved it, picked it up quickly and miss it!

I really want to get back into hair BUT I'm 32 and don't want to take years learning! Also I need to try and take it work around my full time job in marketing (I cant afford not to).

Im really struggling to find anything in Bristol or near by.
Is there anywhere that offers a more bespoke training option? Learning at your own pace? Evening classes with odd Saturdays? I'm keen to start ASAP, I'll throw myself into it.

Any advice much appreciated!
Thank you in advance


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Your local college should do an evening course but you might have to wait to sept to enrol, i work in capital hair and beauty wholesalers and we offer a beginners cutting course which is five days but i think your better off enrolling at college and maybe asking round your local hairdressers? Maybe you could work reception while learning xx

I agree, college may be your best option. You can also do a few online course but you will still need to complete by physical training


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