Help with choosing manicure range


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Hi all

I am after some advice.
I am planning to offer gelish, with the hope that this becomes my main treatment. I will also offer manicures and pedicures, and need to pick a product range. I would like something at the 'top' end, and so have narrowed it down to either buying the cnd trial kit, opi manicure and pedicure (separate) range or the manicure/pedicure combined range from opi.

not really sure what to buy, help xx


I'm a CND girl.... Love their stuff:D


I'm CND trained but use OPI products and polishes for my manicures and pedicures now, clients seem to prefer it to when i used cnd spa and colour and effects! I love the new opi ranges that continually come out.
you could do some research into what others are offering in your area and decide what will stand you apart from them! Both are high quality products it just depends on your clientele


CND spa manicure in Citrus is gorgeous for this time of year - really fresh & uplifting scent x


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Look at the 'Lomasi' manicure/pedicure range from Young Nails. It's beautiful, especially if you want that high end look :D